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The National Health Service, or NHS for short, is a government programme run by the UK Government and financed by Private Individuals aimed at keeping new British citizens healthy.

You and the NHS

Icon mission role model.png Any British citizen under level 30 can apply to become a part of the scheme.

Healthy Eating

Icon mission food stocks.png A patient will receive 500 health points (HP) worth of food daily, until they reach level 30.


National Health Service.jpg If you meet the criteria, simply fill out this form to start receiving 500 HP-a-day.

Do I Qualify?

Icon - Information (round).pngAre you a British citizen?
Icon - Information (round).pngAre you level 29 or under?

(Both of these pieces of information can be found under the large picture on your profile page.)

History of the NHS

The National Health Service, was originally a chain of 12 organisations around the United Kingdom, founded in January 2008 by Prime Minister Kaleb, tasked with improving the general well being of the UK's citizens, boosting production and damage done in wars.

The NHS is its current form was created in April 2012 by Prime Minister Talon Karrde and his Minister of Finance Minecrafting Instead in order to feed new players during the UK's first real baby boom.