National Security Council

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National Security Council
Logo of National Security Council
Owner USA
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Founder USA

The National Security Council (NSC) is an executive body in the USA responsible for the official coordination with the Private Military Units and for the setting and updating of the military orders. The Director (Chairman) of the National Security Council is the perceived Minister of Defense position abroad.



This is the list of the known NSC Directors:

Director In office Number of terms
BuzzyTheCat August 2008 - 21 September 2008 2 terms
Kokach 21 September 2008 – 17 October 2008 1 term
No info No info No info
Vanek26 6 July 2011 - 5 August 2011 1 term
Deificus August 2011 – September 2011 1 term
Vanek26 6 September 2011 - 5 February 2012 5 terms
Ralph Ericson February - March 2012 1 term
Ilphen March 2012 Unknown
Jason Statham Jr November 2012 Unknown
No info No info No info
Deepchill June 2014- July 2014 1 term
The Mike July 2014 - October 2014 4 terms
john nwp October 2014 Unknown
Kevin Sheridan January 2015 Unknown

On the list above, for sure there was Deepchill for 1 more term then mentioned and Esoom for unknown number of terms, but it is hard to say when were they in charge.