Nederlandse Krijgsmacht

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Nederlandse Krijgsmacht

Nederlandse Krijgsmacht.jpg


General Information
Formation Day 1256
29 April 2011
Disbanded 2013
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Region Western Netherlands

Nederlandse Krijgsmacht (Dutch Armed Forces) was one of the two Military units of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. It was the generic name for all Dutch armed forces, which consisted of 3 subdivisions, which had 2 brigades[1].


The official leader was the President and next to him the Dutch Minister of Defense and his associate the Dutch Secretary of State for Defense. They updated the battle orders in the Army Central Command Newspaper together with the Field Marshal of the Dutch Armed Forces.

NL luchtmacht.png Dutch Airforce (Luchtmacht)

This Dutch Airforce consisted of 1 brigade:

left‎ eNL elite Commandos

Formerly known as eNL elite Commandos, e(U)NL elites and Flying Dutchmen, it was the oldest special fighting force of the Netherlands. It consisted of the top fighters of the country. It was not open for applications, it picked the best active soldiers of the nation from time to time.

NL marine.png Dutch Navy (Marine)

The Dutch Navy (Korps Mariniers) consisted of 1 brigade:

Korps Mariniers.png
eNL Marine Corps (in Dutch: eNL Korps Mariniers)

A training army for beginners and intermediate Dutch players. Members could work at a special production company where they received the benefit of the food they helped produce. The condition was that the person has a pro-active attitude and frequently shows up either on the forum or IRC. (Dutch Citizenship is also required)

NL landmacht.png
Dutch Army (Landmacht)

Dutch general army (Nederlandse Landmacht) - anyone with Dutch citizenship that were not in Navy or Airforce.

NL marachusee.png Dutch Security Team (Marachusee)

Also known as the Security Council for Immigration (SCI), later on was assigned to the Ministry of Home Affairs, so it becomes part of the Government instead of the Military (logo remained the same, just the color become blue)