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Nemzeti Honvédő Párt

Party-Nemzeti Honvedo Part.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Abbreviation NHP
Organization Magyar Honvéd
Founded November 2008
Dissolved 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Corvin Párt
Succeeded By Militia Templi
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Nemzeti Honvédő Párt was a political party in Hungary. It was preceded by Corvin Párt.

Party Presidents

Date Name
November 2008 Citizen192901.jpg BB
December 2008 Citizen192901.jpg BB
January 2009 Citizen192901.jpg BB
February 2009 Citizen192901.jpg BB

History of the Party

The original name of the Party was the Magyar Reform Párt. It came into existence at summer, and soon became an influential party. The opinion of the members were changing, new people joined and the name of the party was changed. The new name was the Corvin Párt, which planned to make the new players stay in the game. They declared their new program, to make the game more interesting. But the reception was ambivalent. An idea of the party was to form a kingdom in Hungary. But there was a strong anti-campaign, that’s why the idea bowled out. This also meant the failure of the Corvin Párt. At the end of the summer as the president of the party decided to renew the party. Members were invited for a discussion and the whole party agreed to make a new militarist, nationalist party because Hungary was already at war with Romania at that time. After this the Nemzeti Honvédő Párt was born.

Goals and party platform

Party goals were clear: take back original regions and end the war with Romania. Hungary should not have to fight the war with just souls, but with brains. If there is a chance for a realistic peace, Hungary has to time and tide wait for no man. NHP would like to archive a bigger party to play a bigger role in the political life of Hungary.

When NHP worked up the facade of the party we thought of a nationalist and militarist party. The nationality is really important, even in an online game. NHP thinks that the patriotism is the most important in the party, without annoying anyone else. NHP honours the homeland, the national past, the national institutions and the national and nationals habits.

Nation’s position in the New World depends on countless things. It isn’t enough to be successful in the economy or foreign policy. If Hungarians do not show that they will fight for their interests, enemies won’t take them seriously. The Nemzeti Honvédő Párt thinks that creating a good army is really important,

The foundation of the party was the Magyar Honvéd which directed the companies of the NHP and helped the newcomers with food and money.