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News in eRepublik acts as a platform of constant communication between all citizens. It serves as a way to promote ideas, inform citizens, or even spread propaganda. Reading the news on a regular basis ensures you will be updated on national and international affairs. The best way for a new user to become known is by writing and commenting on articles. Be insightful and you will quickly make a name for yourself.

Homepage news

News section in the homepage

Under "News" header on your homepage you see links to articles from 8 different news categories. These categories are:

  • All categories
  • First steps in eRepublik
  • Battle orders
  • Warfare analysis
  • Political debates and analysis
  • Financial business
  • Social interactions and entertainment
  • Newspaper subscriptions

Click one of the categories to see articles about subjects you're interested in. See below for category descriptions.

By clicking the gears button to the left, you can set the Default settings which help filter the news you want to be displayed under news categories:

  • Country : Articles published in that country
  • Order : Latest Articles or Top Rated Articles

By default, you can view 5 articles in the selected category and there is no limit on how old articles are in the homepage news section . To view more, press the "more news" button, which will show 5 more, 10 articles in total. By clicking the "See all" button, it will redirect you to the News page.

News page

This page has a direct link in eRepublik.

eRepublik link:

This page is accessible by pressing the See all button on the bottom of the News feed in the Homepage. News page displays up to 50 articles.


You can use the selectors from the page to find the news you want to read.


The first dropdown from left menu contains the sorting method of the list. You can choose whether you want to see:

  • Top rated - lists the top rated news by displaying the most voted articles first. Articles from every category will be visible in this list, not older than 7-days.
  • Latest - lists the latest news by displaying freshly created articles first. Articles from every category will be visible in this list, not older than 7-days.
  • Latest events - lists the latest military events sorted by the last started event first. Events displayed are not older than 7-days.
  • International - lists the top 50 most voted articles in the New World. In order to get to this list, your article needs to have enough votes to enter the top 50 globally. Articles from every category will be visible in this list, not older than 7-days.
    • Tip: This page can be reached by using SHIFT+T key combination.
  • Subscriptions - The subscriptions gives you a list of the last created articles that you are subscribed to. Articles from every category will be visible in this list, not older than 30-days.

From the second menu, you can choose the country from which you want to see the news. By default, your citizenship country is set. This is not available for subscriptions filter, while for international it is automatically set for the whole New World.

The category selectors that are on the right hand side are category filters. For the category selectors in the news page, articles are up to 7-days old, with an exception for the First steps in eRepublik where they can be up to 14-days old. Read more about categories below.

At the end on the right side can see the number of subscriptions.


There are seven different news categories in eRepublik. When an editor writes an article he/she must use the category where she wants to put it. In the homepage news section, there is a limit of 10 articles to be displayed, while in the expanded news section there is a limit of 50 articles to be displayed.

Icon-media-All categories.png All categories

An eight category that is used only to sort articles is all categories option. Here all articles in a country are shown.

Please note, this category is visible from the homepage news section only.

Icon-media-First steps in erepublik.png First steps in eRepublik

Everyone has been a new citizen of eRepublik once. This is a section where everyone is free to publish guides for "newbies".

Icon-media-Battle orders.png Battle orders

This section is for governmental and non-governmental battle orders. Remember to check this section from time to time in order to fight where your country needs your damage the most.

Icon-media-Warfare analysis.png Warfare analysis

Sometimes wars can be complicated and hard to understand. This section is just the right one for those editors who aren't afraid of challenges: all kind of war reports and analysis should be published here. If you're interested in warfare, this is a section made just for you.

Icon-media-Political debates and analysis.png Political debates and analysis

Politics are important in eRepublik. If you want to get yourself heard, you may post an article here explaining your political goals and ideas. If you want to get elected as a country representative, this is the right category for your election campaign. You can also post analyses about the current political situation here.

If you're interested in politics, this is the right place for it.

Icon-media-Financial business.png Financial business

Why is the currency exchange rate so low? Where has all the money gone from the country treasury? This is a place for these kinds of articles. If the article is about the economy, this is the right category for it. You might also get some investment tips while reading this section... You never know.

Icon-media-Social interactions and entertainment.png Social interactions and entertainment

If your article subject doesn't fall under any other category, this is the place. Competitions, games, meetings and other social stuff belong here.

Icon-media-Newspaper subscriptions.png Subscriptions

Main article: Subscriptions

This is a category you can customize. If you have ordered a newspaper (you're a subscriber), the articles from these newspapers will be found in this category.

Please note, this category is visible from the homepage news section only.

Media Module

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