Nicolae Carpathia

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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
Date of birth May 14, 1972
Date of death February 2010
Residence North West of England
Sex Male
Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community
August 28, 2008 – October 14, 2008
Succeeded by Matthieu Bonne
Minister of Press &
Public Relations
of Greece
May 14, 2009 – May 19, 2009
Preceded by Isamoral
Succeeded by Ioannis Metaxas
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nicolae Calme Carpathia (pronounced /nikoˈlaɪ kɑɫm kɑrˈpeɪθijə/) (born May 14, 1972 in Alexandroupoli, Greece) was a Greek diplomat and the first Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community.

As the Secretary-General of PEACE, Carpathia was one of the two most powerful men involved with the First World War alongside ATLANTIS Supreme Commander Astromaniac.

Early life

Born in the waning years of the Greek military junta, Nicolae grew up in a nation revelling in its new democracy. The trials convicting the leaders of the junta to life in prison left a lasting impression on Nicolae that true and honest democracy, not military-dominated autocracy, was the only way for a nation to govern itself.

Early career

In the early 1990s, Carpathia served in the municipal government of Alexandroupoli under Mayor (and future President) John Daker. Carpathia served on the City Council.

Global Community

In late August 2008, the PEACE Global Community was formed by Greece, Pakistan, and thirteen other nations. Carpathia, along with Greek President John Daker and Pakistan's Allan Gordon, was instrumental in crafting the PEACE Charter and negotiating with potential members' foreign ministers. As the formation of the alliance progressed, Carpathia was chosen as the alliance's first Secretary-General.

Carpathia aboard Global Community One in the first hours of World War I.

As Secretary-General, Carpathia dealt with a series of immediate and pressing concerns. On August 27, 2008, PEACE Protectorate Mexico was attacked by Spain in what became known as the Ibero-American War. The war was a Spain-funded attempt at uniting Mexico and Spain under a common banner to prevent the Turkish Goons from gaining political power in Mexico. As Spanish troops mobilized, Carpathia called member nation Portugal into action by directing Portuguese PEACEKeepers to protect Mexico from Spanish invasion. Once their mission was accomplished, many of these PEACEKeepers were redirected to Europe, where a new war was brewing.

On August 29, World War I began when Romania declared war on Hungary, a PEACE member nation whose alliances with other PEACE nations had not been finalized. Despite this, Carpathia ordered the PEACEKeepers to the plains of Hungary where they would clash with Romanian and ATLANTIS troops in the bloodiest war in eRepublik History. After a week of fighting, Hungary and Romania brokered an armistice that warmed PEACE-ATLANTIS relations somewhat. Capitalizing on the opportunity to reconcile with the Global Community's enemy, Carpathia created the Department of Diplomatic Affairs in September and invited representatives from major ATLANTIS nations such as the United States of America and Sweden to hold talks on world security.


In October 2008, Carpathia collapsed in his Greece office. Aides rushed to his side and performed CPR, but it was too late for the ill world leader. He was pronounced dead at 2:16 PM.


Miraculously, on April 12, 2009, Carpathia rose from the dead and reappeared in France. On April 14, 2009, Carpathia flew to Islamabad to witness the fall of the former Pakistani capital to Romanian forces. Deeply troubled by this, he quickly drafted a speech on his return flight to France. Once in Paris, Carpathia delivered a speech to the French populace lauding PEACE.

 We are a Global Community, united not in hatred for Romania or the United Kingdom, for the United States or Sweden. We are a Community unified and whole in our common interests, the interests of the sovereignty and mutual respect. The interests of a peaceful and prosperous existence. 
(Nicolae Carpathia, in his speech before the French people)

The speech was met warmly by the French public and PEACE citizenry worldwide, who welcomed Nicolae back to the world of the living. However, on April 15, Carpathia left on a flight to the ATLANTIS-aligned United Kingdom on a highly secretive Gnosis mission. A few days after landing in the United Kingdom, he was appointed Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic by the British Minister for Foreign Affairs, SaraDroz.

Carpathia furiously slams papers to his desk after being told by Sledra that they and Ikarti were being accused of high crimes.

Return to Greece

On May 4, 2009, Carpathia returned to his hometown of Alexandroupoli. Although initially met with some trepidation, he quickly gained the trust of his countrymen and, despite being a member of the opposition party, was appointed to the Cabinet as the Minister for Press and Public Relations by President 1Fanmel. He served in that capacity despite his Goons ethnicity for nearly a week before political tensions in Greece hit a boiling point.

As civil unrest in neighboring Turkey hit a crescendo with the launch of resistance wars in the Greek territories of Epirus, Thessaly, and the Ionian Islands, Greek President Fanmel accused Carpathia and fellow goons Ikarti and Sledra of a variety of crimes, ranging from selling secrets to Turkey to being fascists and attempting to overthrow the government of Greece. In response, Carpathia made public secure government documents in which President Fanmel and former Greek President Efthimios Pappas discuss the use of multiple accounts for use in spying. Immediately afterwards, Carpathia resigned his position as Minister for Press and endorsed the Greek partisan forces under Ikarti.

Return to PEACE

Carpathia stayed in Greece for a week following his resignation, but then moved to Islamabad, Pakistan on May 26, 2009. He stayed there until June 1, when he returned to Greece to vote in Presidential elections. He remained in Greece as its regions were freed from Turkey in Operation Turkish Delight and announced his candidacy for Congress in the Hellenic Progress Coalition. However, he did not receive enough votes to qualify for a seat in Congress and therefore returned to France. He met with the new Secretary-General of PEACE, Arthk, and made the decision to return to active service for PEACE.

Carpathia finally ended his eLife living in the United Kingdom, being the Editor-in-Chief of the Carpathian Manifest.