Night's Watch

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Night's Watch


"Night gathers, and now my watch begins..."

General Information
Founded Day 1470
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 577
Commanded by Foxfire
2nd Commander Natster
Part of Clan Wolf (assumed)

Oath of the Night's Watch

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

It shall not end until my death.

I shall live and die at my post.

I am the sword in the darkness.

I am the watcher on the walls.

I am the fire that burns against the cold,

I am the light that brings the dawn,

I am the horn that wakes the sleepers,

I am the shield that guards the realms of Canada.

I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch,

For this night and all the nights to come.

History of the Night's Watch

Noticing a steep drop in the number of soldiers participating in the Canadian Armed Forces, especially on eCanada Forums, and an increase in the membership of HOPE, Lieutenant-General Tyrael Snow of the CAF opted to create a secondary Military Unit for the CAF.

Created on Day 1,470 under the name Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, the unit intended to bridge the gap between the CAF and HOPE.[1].

Unfortunately, the unit had only a few devoted members since it's inception, and was still unable to beat out the funding expectations of most. Following the events of the Great Canadian Exodus, the unit hermit with a few loyal members for several months until early 2012, when Commander Tyrael Snow held a discussion on changing the theme and direction of the unit.

The decision was made that eCanada Forums was no longer a satisfactory home for the members involved and a new direction was necessary to make the experience more entertaining. In the weeks that followed the Night's Watch was born, quickly becoming the 2nd largest military unit in Canada, and amongst the top 10 in influence with an entirely eRepublik based approach to communication and coordination [2].

Applying for Membership

Membership requires:

  1. Joining the Night's Watch
  2. Military rank of Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant (later removed)
  3. Completing your Recruit's order (later removed)

Supply (historical)

Supply drops come in the following forms:

  1. Canadian Government Supply
  2. Night's Watch Supply
  3. Night's Watch Reserve

Canadian Government Supply:
As per Canadian law, a salary is provided per active soldier, with active being defined under the eCanadian MU Funding Act as any Canadian citizen in the unit fighting at least three days of the week. This supply is divided equally to all those active soldiers once per week in the form of CAD.

Night's Watch Supply:
Weapons are delivered to members of the Night's Watch from Lord Commander Tyrael Snow. These tanks come from donations to the Night's Watch, and are divided on a per kill basis, with kill counts being derived from the Military Unit page.

Night's Watch Reserve:
A small supplementary Food, Weapons, and Moving Cost allowances are available on request to Lord Commander Tyrael Snow. These private emergency donations are available once per day to a maximum of three times per week.