Nihongo Kyokai

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Nihongo Kyokai
Logo of Nihongo Kyokai
Owners Puccho, madao-madao, AquaTimez, Yagami M, Aston Reynold, Winston Wu, Faeyas
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Headquarters Kanto
Founders Puccho

Nihongo Kyokai (日本語協会) -Japanese language society was an organization established in Japan by Puccho for people interested in Japanese language. It was created near day 898. One of it's first aims was to translate eRepublik game into Japanese language, however this goal has never been fulfilled. The group disbanded and cease to exist after Puccho left the game. It published 2 aricles in Nihongo kyokai shinbun, full in Japanese language.

List of known members: