Nitnaa Agreement

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The Nitnaa Agreement was a contract between Kumnaa the president of the United Kingdom and Nithraldur the president of Ireland signed on the 18th of June 2009.

The agreement outlined the execution of a training war that was to be disguised to the public as a real war to generate some activity in two quiet countries. The body of the agreement is pasted here (along with the message to keep the agreement quiet to anybody who stumnled on to it).


This is a contract for a one off training battle between the UK and Ireland to be signed by the Presidents of both countries.

The UK (Bank of England) will donate 140G to the Irish government (Banc Ceannais) on Thursday 18th of June 2009, minutes before 12:00 erepublik time.

The President of the UK will then attack the Irish region called 'The Shannon' on Thursday 18th of June 2009 at 12:00 erepublik time.

Between the 22nd and 23rd hour (10:00 and 11:00 erep time on Friday 19th of June 2009) of the attacking period, the UK will withdraw, leaving the region in Irish possesion.

If the retreat is called in time and the region not conquered. The 140G will be donated back from the Irish government (Banc Ceannais) to the UK government (Bank of England).

If the retreat is not called in time and the region is conquered by the UK the Irish government will keep the 140G and a new battle will be started for the same region and the UK will immediately retreat.

Any constructions destroyed in this process will be paid for by the attacking side.

Note: This is a training war being disguised as a real war. If you spot this contract please do not spread the news until the battle is over otherwise the fun will be spoiled :(