Nogin the nog

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Nogin the nog

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 23
Date of birth March 11, 2009
Day 689
Residence Cork, Ireland
Sex Female
Political party Irish Freedom Party
Newspaper News Intenational
Originally started as Friends News
President of Ireland
6th of September, 2010 – 5th of October, 2010
Preceded by 5n4keyes
Succeeded by Connell Rath
Military unit Labour Peoples Army
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 5.png Chief Master Sergeant*****

Noggin the Nog is an Irish citizen and former president of Ireland (as a member of the Economic Free Thinkers Society). She was inaugurated into her 1st term as President by winning the September 2010 elections with 98 votes (53.26%). This was an impressive victory, as she beat 4 other high profile candidates for the position, and by a considerable margin.

Personal History

Joined the game on March 11, 2009. She moved to Nunavut and got Canadian citizenship sometime in 2011/2012 but ultimately returned back to Ireland.

Political History

Won the September 2010 election for president, while at the time a member of the Economic Free Thinkers Society. She also served as Minister of Finance (September 2009 and May 2010) when a member of Irish Social Democrats. In late 2009 she was elected two times in Congress as a member of Irish Socialist Republican Party, and before one time a member of Irish Social Democrats.

When she moved to Canada, she becomes a member of EPIC and got elected in Congress several times.

After coming back to Ireland she becomes a member of Irish Freedom Party where she served as a member of Congress. Later moved to Independent Labour Party.

Military History

Nogin is a captain of the Labour Peoples Army.

She was a 2nd Commander of military unit Friends and the Commander of CrOmega.


Nogin won 4 Irish State Community Awards.