Nonpartisan League

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Nonpartisan League

Party-Nonpartisan League.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation NPL
Forum forum link
Founded 2010
Dissolved 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Nonpartisan League was a small political party of the United States.

The Nonpartisan League was probably most known for its view on the tax system in the USA.


Following is the manifesto, as recorded in 2010.


The Nonpartisan League takes a bold stance on the tax structure of the United States, often claiming it is "upside down." The party firmly believes that income taxes should be lowered and import taxes should be raised.

The party firmly believes the Income Tax Rate should be lowered. The finite percentage will vary from member to member, but all can agree the rate needs to be reduced to at least 15%, some preferring a rate closer to 10%. The Income Tax Rate was placed at 20% (and has since been increased to 23%) by the PANEC tax plan after funds were stolen, leaving the country in financial ruin. The Income Tax was the most stable way to recoup US losses. The USA is now roughly three times the size it was when the plan was put in place, meaning the rate can be reduced, leaving more money in the pockets of our loyal citizens, and not damaging the government's revenue significantly.

The party firmly believes the Import Tax Rate should be significantly increased. Currently, the Import Tax Rate for most products is 1%. This idea was based on a real-life philosophy of free trade, that doesn't necessarily work with game mechanics, as quality cannot be as effective a tool as in real life economics. The party claims there would be no problem with a low Import Tax Rate if it weren't for the fact that the US is one of the (if not the) only country with such a low rate. Under this plan, the US allows foreign-operated companies to sell in the US at no cost, but US-operated companies -- where US citizens work -- do not enjoy the same unrestricted access to the foreign markets.

Foreign Policy

The Nonpartisan League advocates staying away from super-alliances like EDEN, Phoenix, PEACE, and ATLANTIS, instead preferring a more neutral approach. The cycle of a super-alliance is the most predictable thing in the entire game. First, there's reclaiming. This is when the newly formed super-alliance goes out and takes all their original regions back from whatever source had taken them. Second, there's expansion. This is when the super-alliance goes on a warpath, taking even more regions (often from their previous aggressor). Third, as the super-alliance grows in power, the members begin to bicker, as they have different goals, leading to poor strategic planning and less than full effort in battles. And fourth, the same cycle starts for the next super-alliance, which overpowers the previous one. Reclaiming, expansion, bickering, and defeat. This is the inevitable life of a super-alliance. This does not, however, mean the Nonpartisan League is anti-alliance, in fact, quite the contrary is true. The Nonpartisan League advocates building and keeping strong relations with many nations of the world (like Canadians), but want to keep out of super-alliances so that the US may act on every issue based on the best interests of America and its close allies, not some super-alliance.


The Nonpartisan League advocates free and open debate, without ridicule or any other behavior of the sort. The party holds the belief that all people have something potentially great to bring to the table, and all should have their say.

Party presidents

  • Joey James Smith (? - April 2010)
  • Cosmus (April 2010 - May 2010)