Nopean Toiminnan Joukot

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Nopean Toiminnan Joukot

Nopean Toiminnan Joukot.jpg

General Information
Disbanded August 2010
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Colors Blue and white
Type Official army
Part of Finnish Army

Nopean Toiminnan Joukot (Finnish Rapid Reaction Force) is used for domestic operations and operations abroad. Contrary to its history, NTJ is currently one team in itself. NTJ soldiers are supposed to wear the NTJ avatar featuring a bull moose (or their custom emblem) at all times. NTJ is commanded directly by the MoD, its Adjutants and the Secretary of State of Military Affairs.


NTJ used to consist of three to five teams up until eRepublik Rising. Soldiers were spread to the different teams by their potential force. Teams were named (in descending order by force) Bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Moose and Bull.

Each group used to have a group leader who was in charge of distributing weapons and moving tickets. Group leaders received their orders from the MoD and the President.

NTJ was replaced by Northern Guerilla Division (NGD) in August 2010 after many soldiers of Finnish Army quitted the game. Up until this point it was continuously active for almost 3 years all the way from Finnish Independence War to release of eRepublik Rising.

Nopean Toiminnan Joukot was re-organized by Finland's president avec in January 2011 at the same time with higher-ranking Pohjoinen Prikaati and lower-ranking Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot.

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