Norsefire Coalition

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General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Founded May 2012
Dissolved November 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Military Dictatorship Party
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

The Norsefire Coalition, popularly referred to as simply The Coalition, was a political coalition in Canada for several months. During its operation, it held considerable sway over Canadian elections and politics.


The Coalition was organized by Rylde of the Military Dictatorship Party, and Rolo Tahmasee, the operator of a large political machine based on giving out tanks for votes. Rolo was the leader of various 'Norsefire' parties. The alliance was one of the mutual advantages as both parties rapidly rose in power and influence.

Coalition Success

The Coalition was formed in May 2012 and helped elect Rylde as the President of Canada in the June presidential elections with Rolo as his VP. At that point, the Canadian party EPIC, their main opposition, was targeted by the Coalition and it was successfully politically taken over on the 15th of June. With EPIC destroyed, two new parties came forward in opposition to the Norsefire Coalition. Clan Wolf, lead by the motivated Tyrael Snow was the head of this opposition and challenged Rylde in the July presidential elections. Rylde won, but Tyrael received second place. The other party was the Canadian Progressive Front, a party that had recently returned from the top five after over a year of decadence.

During the next few months, the Coalition also held together with a majority of Congress, utilizing Rolo's strategies of vote buying to secure votes, as well as the Military Dictatorship Party's effective strategic voting team.

The Coalition put forward no presidential candidate in August, but remained a force in Congress mainly because their two main opposition parties Canadian Progressive Front and Clan Wolf were also opposed to each other mainly because of Tyrael Snow's opinion of the CPF. In September, the Coalition candidate was Wally Cleaver who again would face off against Tyrael Snow, and a CPF candidate, ElPatoDiablo. Wally won and delivered another Coalition victory.

Fall of the Coalition

Wally's presidency was criticized strongly by Clan Wolf and the Canadian Progressive Front for being uncommunicative, and mostly thanks to Tyrael Snow's departure from the game, a counter political alliance formed between Clan Wolf and the CPF to oppose the Coalition. In the September Congress elections, the combined Clan Wolf and CPF won a supermajority in Congress, leaving the Coalition with 25%. This victory was in part due to discontent with Wally Cleaver, strong motivation from both the Canadian Progressive Front and Clan Wolf, and a change in game mechanics from voting for candidates in specific regions, to voting for party lists of candidates.

The October presidential elections pitted the two political alliances against each other again, and the CPF/CW alliance won handily with 58% of the vote for ElPatoDiablo. Coalition candidate Simon Boucher-Ruest only obtained 30% of the vote.

Following Simon's loss, the Coalition began fading in strength. The combined strength of the CPF/CW alliance had become dominant. Rylde failed to win the November presidential elections under their banner. The Military Dictatorship Party saw the stain of the Coalition brand, and coupled with the severe loss of power of Rolo Tahmasee's Norsefire political machine aspect of the Coalition lead to the new MDP party president Muglack no longer seeing any advantage of staying tied to Rolo and officially severed the relationship between the two factions in November[1].

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