Norway-Finland War

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Military conflict
Map of Unnamed Conflict
Date 18 April 2008 - –
21 April 2008
Location Finland
Result Finland annexed
Fights 137
Flag-Norway.jpg Norway Flag-Finland.jpg Finland

Norway started expanding its border towards Asia. This was a strategic move made to dominate the entire north-east of Europe.


During the first week of the war module the Scandinavian powers did not declare war even though Sweden and Norway were number one and number two in military power respectively. This was probably because Sweden has sent soldiers to fight for Canada and did not want to fight two wars at once.

Finland was an easy target. Norway and Sweden had always been allies and had very strong armies but Finland never could join in on the success of its neighbors. Norway decided that they would take Finland first and let Sweden focus on the stronger parts of Europe down south. The president faced some difficulty declaring the war even though the war would benefit Norway and it was obvious that they would succeed congress was reluctant to accept the proposal with a vote 16-13 in favor of war. This was a slim victory in a time where most proposals passed by large margins.


Battles Fought 6 (Norway 6 vs Finland 0)
Fights Won 59 Norway vs 48 Finland
Draw Fights 30
Total Fights 137


When war first broke out the Finish fought back early on at Lapland putting up 53 fights but their army soon grew tired and the Norwegians poured in taking all of Finland in a sweep and by the time they reached the last territory the Norwegians took it without a fight.