Norwegian Economic Cooperative

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Norwegian Economic Cooperative

Party-Norwegian Economic Cooperative.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation NEC
Founded March 2015 (est)
President John Guerreiro
Vice President Vacant position
Members 3
Congress Occupancy 2/29 seats, 7%
Succeeds Norwegian Communist League
Succeeded By Kvakksangerne
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

Norwegian Economic Cooperative (NEC) is one of the top 5 parties in Norway as well one of the youngest and smallest parties in Norway. The NEC is a political party dedicated to the betterment of Norway's position on the world stage. It is uncertain who started it, but it is a beliew it was started by John Guerreiro in 2015


Economics are a powerful force and cannot be ignored nor underestimated. Political, social and military objectives can be achieved using economic means. Using resources wisely is the best way.

Party presidents

Party president Term
John Guerreiro March 2015 - Present