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Nosrial Olem

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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth 16 February 2009 - Day 454
Date of death 2010 (est)
Residence North of Brazil
Sex Male
President of Brazil
6th August 2009 – 23rd August 2009
Preceded by Junecaz
Succeeded by Reshev Villanova
Congress member of Brazil
25th March 2009 – 24th May 2009
Minister Of Social Wellness of Brazil
12th April 2009 – 5th May 2009
Preceded by Vargas Vagao
Party president of Uniao Brasileira
15 May 2009 – 24 May 2009
Preceded by Gahnkaz
Succeeded by Flausino
15 November 2009 – 15 December 2009
Preceded by Lucas DG
Succeeded by Gahnkaz
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nosrial Olem was a Brazilian citizen and the President of Brazil in the month of August 2009. Former Brazilian President, Minister of Social Wellness, Congressman, he fluently speaks English, Portuguese and can completely understand Spanish.


Nosrial Olem was born in Northeast, Brazil at 15 February 2009, invited by Sitenl.



Nosrial Olem ran for Congress in Center West of Brazil, on 25th April 2009. He started his political activity in Uniao Socialista Brasileira, one of the biggest parties of that time, led by TiagoCamargo and Vargas Vagao. He was elected in his first run to congress.
On 12th April, invited by Antonio Salgado, the Brazilian president at the time, he became Minister of Social Wellness, starting a good work, offering gifts to newbies with low wellness in Brazil.
On 15th May TiagoCamargo got the presidency of Uniao Socialista Brasileira so he, with his friends sitenl and guitos went to the Partido Republicano Brasileiro and formed the Uniao Brasileira.

After all of that he joined a group called Guerrilha and with nuutxer and andman he tried to be elected as the president of Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay. He didn't succeeded so he came back to Brazil to work with his party, Uniao Brasileira. In August he tried again to become President of Brazil, and, this time, he succeeded. He was elected when the World War IV was exploding. So he started to talk with other Presidents and he made eBrazil friends with lots of news countries. So he felt safe to attack Icon-Spain.png Spain, at the Canary Islands. Brazil conquered the region and after a few days Brazil conquered Andalucia as well, so Spain vanished from the map.

All the effort in the MoFA and Military regions had a bad thing. He forgot the companies from the state. Lots of them broke down, so the population got mad. After some RL stuff, Nosrial asked to be impeached and so he was. So Reshev Villanova took his seat as the President of Brazil. Thereafter, Nosrial Vanished from eRepublik for a while, but returned at the end of the year and become again the president of the Uniao Brasileira party.

As a writer

On 10th March 2009, he decided to start his own Newspaper. After reading a lot of Brazilian articles, he noticed that Brazil didn't have a comic newspaper, so he decided to start one. He called it Custe o que custar or CQC.

His newspaper was first noticed because of its format. It has a CQC format article that always has: An interview, a video, images, News, and a "not funny" joke. Sometimes, for political reasons he publish political articles in his newspaper, that had 143 subscribers.
His personal best are 154 votes for one article. List with all of the articles that he had wrote can be found here.

As a Businessman

When his friend Sitenl decided to go to Icon-Philippines.png Philippines to help Bunaly, they decided together to open a Q1 Food Factory in Philippines, but as there were few people to work there, they shut it down a week later.
Three weeks after that Nosrial Olem decided to open another factory, this time a Q1 House factory in Icon-Brazil.png Brazil. He only made one house and sold the factory.
He had one org, with 5 RL friends "Dois irmaos". After all of that Nosrial opened a Q2 Iron factory in Icon-Iran.png Iran, and got two companies from Vargas Vagao, they were all in "Dois Irmaos".