Nueva Espana Liberal

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Nueva Espana Liberal

Party-Nueva Espana Liberal.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation NEL
Forum [1]
Colors Blue
Founded 1 December 2008
President Superi
Members 228
Congress Occupancy 5/39 seats, 12.82%
Succeeds Partido Media Vida
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Nueva Espana Liberal is a political party in Spain. It was created among affiliates of Partido Media Vida, Unión Popular Liberal, 1582 and Partido de Centro Liberal.


In the Presidential Elections of September, tuput was the candidate of Partido Media Vida, which had been governing in Spain during several months. However, several scandals related with the Ibero-American War created a strong social pressure reflected in the constitution of a coalition between the most important opposition parties in Spain, named IRP. In this election, candidate tuput tried to join intentions with Unión Popular Liberal, and anvalro (president of UPL) agree with the rest of affiliates to support PMV in the elections. After that, the other parties started a campaign against PMV and UPL, and they started to collaborate each time stronger. PMV lost that election, but during September the relation between both parties was each time closer. By the elections of October, 1582 joined to PMV and UPL, and they got the Presidency for tuput. The mixing of PMV, UPL and 1582 got the majority of the Congress in the first V1 election, after a brilliant strategy coordinating actions of their affiliates.
Collaboration between UPL and 1582 was each time bigger, and given they were the two historically right-oriented parties in Spain, they started negotiations to do a fusion. Conversations were leaded by Chicho (who was president of UPL by the time) and maltus, from the side of UPL, and Pitufolas (president of 1582) and Jimbowymbo. This fact was announced from both parties during November (see announcement by 1582 and by UPL), ant then they formed UPL-1582. Shortly after this fact, Partido de Centro Liberal announced they also joined the new party, forming a strong option in the right side of the Spanish politics.
UPL-1582 supported the PMV candidate for the president elections of November, PruDeN, and they got the victory. In the government process, the relation between PMV and UPL-1582 grew and PMV members accorded to support the UPL-1582 candidate for the December elections, Jurgo Evergetes, who was the President of UPL-1582. Jurgo Evergetes led then the transformation of the party in a new project with a well defined center-right, libertarian and imperialistic orientation.
Shortly before that election, PMV members decided to join the new political project that had transformed UPL-1582 into Nueva Espana Liberal, and changed their name by Nueva Espana Liberal, moving members of Nueva Espana Liberal to the old PMV party.
In the elections of December once more all the other Spanish parties formed a coalition (PRDE) that won the elections, although the candidate of NEL, Jurgo Evergetes, got more than 40% of votes.
Finally, in the Party President elections of December, after an interesting campaign by Anonimux and Aldorian27, Anonimux became the first president elected in the new NEL time.

Election Results

Congresssional Results

Election Date Congressional Seats %
25 November 2008 17 42.5%
25 December 2008 20 50%
25 January 2009 16 40%
25 February 2009 7 17.5%
25 July 2009 9 22.5%

Presidential elections results

Election Date Candidate Votes % Position
5 December 2008 Jurgo Evergetes 539 42.21% 2nd
5 January 2009 Anonimux 478 42.38% 1st
5 February 2009 Anonimux 743* 60.6%* 1st*

(*): Admins banned Anonimux and took the presidency to alvoske, the candidate with more votes after they banned 540 multiaccounts suspected to have voted for NEL.

Historical Political Power

Current Political Power

PruDeN was elected as President of Spain as candidate from Partido Media Vida in the President Elections of November, with the support of UPL and 1582, among other parties. By the end of November, Partido Media Vida joined to Nueva Espana Liberal, and PruDeN governed the last days of his mandate as a NEL affiliate. During those days, Spain conquered three french regions.

On the other hand, on 23th of December, Jurgo Evergetes became also President of Spain, after an impeachment against the previous president, Cyberber. This impeachment took place after several mistakes of Cyberber (as buying a Q5 hospital to the enemy alliance PEACE), and the society gave Jurgo Evergetes the opportunity of changing the things. Jurgo Evergetes promised to govern with the previous Ministers, trying to help to improve the situation in Spain.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President
November 2008 Jurgo Evergetes / MVerslayer
December 2008 Anonimux
January 2009 Anonimux
February 2009 Don Carlo II
March 2009 Anonimux

The first party president of NEL was Jurgo Evergetes, who lead the formation of the new project from UPL-1582. He had got the victory in the UPL-1582 elections, and directed the creation of the new project. The 29th of November he announced the project through the Foundation of the party. He was officially the party president, although in the game also MVerslayer was in that place, since he was the president of PMV when they joined the party, and affiliates of NEL moved to it. Jurgo Evergetes and MVerslayer ended their president time when the new president was elected on December 15th. Previously from 12th to 15th of December, Nueva Espana Liberal discussed in their first Congress, the I Congreso de Nueva España Liberal, and the two candidates, Aldorian27 and Anonimux, showed their proposals. Finally, Anonimux won the elections with 109 votes against 80 votes by Aldorian27.