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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 4th December 2008
Date of death 2009
Residence Wales, United Kingdom
Newspaper The Musings of Oexis
Minister of Education of UK
07th March 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Malta_1990
Party president of Movement for Democratic Unity
15th January 2009 – 15th March 2009
Preceded by Tommy Tommasino
Succeeded by CV James
NHS Director of Wales
December 2008 – 7th March 2009
Congress member of UK
Military rank Icon rank Corporal***.png Corporal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Oexis was a citizen of UK, born on the 4th December 2008.

He became involved in UK Politics and joined the Movement for Democratic Unity. He served as their Party president for two months, but later joined the People's Communist Party on the 15th April 2009. He was a Congress member and the Minister of Information & Education, succeeding Prime Minister Malta 1990.

He was the founder of MDU Electoral Director idea.


Oexis was born on the 4th of December 2008. He joined the Movement for Democratic Unity Party and became a member of the UK forums. He quickly became a very active member, and on the 19th of December was offered to take up the position of Membership Director to replace newly elected Party president Tommy Tommasino.

Oexis later moved to Wales, where he became the NHS Director. On the 15th January 2009, Oexis was elected the Party president of the Movement for Democratic Unity, replacing Minister of Migration and Support Tommy Tommasino. Under his tenure, the Movement reached new membership levels, gained its largest ever number of congressman, and established fully functional Departments to ensure MDU representation in discussions.

Upon the resignation of Underminister of Educational Services Stan Wephen, Oexis ascended to the position under Minister of Information & Education Malta_1990. He won a second term as Party president of the Movement for Democratic Unity, and was replaced by CV James as leader in March, after deciding not to run for a third term.


The Musings of Oexis is the newspaper owned and published by Oexis.


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