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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

A blocking attack is an attack on a country by another with the intent of preventing the defender from attacking. Blocking attacks are not meant to succeed, but to merely use the war module to prevent the defending country from attacking. The war module prevents nations which are being attacked to also attack. Blocking attacks are usually used in 2 cases:

  • When 1 nation or warring party is more powerful/steadily advancing against another, and are conducted by the weaker country. A good example of this is:
    • Romania's attacks on Ukraine after the fall of their empire: Ukraine's president attacked Romania every day to prevent an advance into the high Iron region of Podolia until Ukraine could gain MPPs.
  • Another instance is when a weaker country which is aligned to a more powerful enemy of another country attacks its ally's enemy to prevent this enemy from attacking. A good example of this is WW1 (Asia):
    • China attacked Romania against hard odds on the Asian front so Romania could not launch offensives against Indonesia, which steadily advanced into Romanian lands.


First, the attacker/blocker must declare war on the target nation.

Next, the blocking nation's president launches attacks, (usually only 1 but can be more) against the defender. Due to the war module preventing 2 way attacks, the defender is rendered unable to attack until the battle is over.


There is few ways to gain the initiative in the event of a blocking attack. Usually blocking attacks end when the blocker's president forgets to log in/forgets to attack again. If the blocker is an extremely small nation without alliance funding, or is spending heavily in another area, they may even run out of gold to attack.

The arguably most expensive yet most guaranteed way to deflect a blocking attack is a retreat-attack or just retreating. This method comes at the cost of a region in most cases, but there is a risk that another nation may jump in and conduct a second blocking attack, or real attack for that matter, and the defender would have lost the retreated region pointlessly. Retreating a region with infrastructure or a high resource region is impractical due to the gold loss.