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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.



What are the technical requirements for playing eRepublik?

eRepublik is available online and does not require any downloads. To get the full benefit of eRepublik all you need is an Internet connection. The minimum requirements are: a 233 MHz processor, a current version of Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox and JavaScript activated.

How many accounts can I open?

A single user may create/administrate a single eRepublik citizen account.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

On the login page, you will find a link called "Forgot password". Click on it and you'll be redirected to a form where you'll have to fill in your email address. We will then send you further information regarding how to reset your password by email.

Can I change my username (citizen name)?

Once you have chosen a username for your citizen in eRepublik, you don't have the option to change it later. This is in an effort not to mislead the other eRepublik citizens.

How can I post my own image to my profile?

In order to have access to your Profile, you have to be logged in. Go to your profile and click on 'Edit profile'. Here you'll be able to choose your photo and to upload it to the site.

Many users report that after they have uploaded their new avatar, it does not show up. You do not need to continue uploading the same photo over and over again. This is a common bug and with a little time and patience, you will be able to see your photo.

How much does eRepublik cost?

It's absolutely free to register your citizen on eRepublik and start playing. Additionally, you have the option to buy eRepublik gold with real money, once every seven days.

How can I invite my friends to join eRepublik?

After you reach level four, you get unlimited invitations in eRepublik. The "Invite friends" button can be found in the menu under the community tab. You will be able to invite your friends after providing their email. You can also choose to send an invitation to eRepublik to your list of friends from Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN or AOL. You can also invite friends via reference link. After a citizen registers in eRepublik and reaches level 6, the citizen who invited him receives a Rising:Treasure map.

Game Play

After I've registered in eRepublik, what should I do next?

The 'To Do' list from the home page can help you. Just like a personal schedule, this list guides your activity in eRepublik. After you finish one task, you can easily delete it from your 'To do' list.

What is gold and why do I need it?

Regardless of the terminology used, eRepublik Gold represents a limited license right and is not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value at any time.
The "eRepublik gold" is a needed to:

How do I get a job?

The first step is to visit the Job market. Here you will be able to browse through all the job offers posted by companies in eRepublik and pick the one that fits you best. Be careful as there is a minimum skill requirement for each offer.

Why am I not receiving my full pay???

Income tax is automatically removed from your daily pay.

Can I work in more than one company?

No, you can't work for more than one company. Only a general manager is allowed to create one company in each eRepublik industry.

How does my citizen eat?

Once a day the highest quality Food unit from your inventory is automatically consumed. Food can be purchased from the marketplace. Remember that in order to survive in eRepublik you need to eat and that you should always have food units in your inventory as it will influence your wellness level.

What is wellness and what is it good for?

wellness represents your citizen's health and happiness indicator. It helps you reach a higher productivity when you work and also increases your level of damage in a fight. If your wellness is zero, your citizen will die.

What are the experience points and how can I earn them?

Experience points (EP) represent the knowledge level a citizen reaches in eRepublik. One experience point is received each time you train, work or eat. So a regular user can receive three experience points per day with minimal effort. Additionally, EP will be received after you:

  • upload your first avatar;
  • are hired for the first time;
  • fight in a battle;
  • vote in the party, congress or presidential elections;
  • create a company;
  • upgrade your company;
  • become a member of congress;
  • create a party;
  • win the party elections;
  • become a country president.

How can I unlock the features within eRepublik?

Each time a new level is reached in eRepublik (based on the EP earned), a new feature is unlocked for you.

How can I improve my skills?

Construction, raw materials and manufacturing skills grow according to the number of days you have worked in those industries. Each time you work your skill will increase with a certain value. For the military activity, strength is added each time you train.

How do I become a soldier?

All citizens have the right to be soldiers regardless of whether they are employees, managers, members of congress or presidents. Upon reaching experience level 2, training is allowed, becoming a recruit. Once they reach experience level 3, recruits are allowed to fight, being officially known as soldiers.

My pay is less than the cost of food, I'm going to starve!!! What do I do?

  • persevere, your skill will rise and you should find a better paying job long before you starve
  • find a lower quality level job, this will minimize the amount of wellness you lose daily
  • some recommend holding off on training until your skill level increases
  • many countries have wellness programs designed to help new players; if you ask, most senior players will help you find them.

How can I make more money?

To earn more than your daily pay, you can join your country's military, own a company, or speculate on the Monetary market.

How can I add friends in eRepublik?

When viewing the profile page of another citizen, you have the "Add as friend" button. After you click it, an alert is sent to the other citizen and if your friendship request is accepted, he/she is automatically added to your friends list. You can see your friends' shouts on the homepage which allows you to keep in touch with them more easily.

How can I donate products or money to another user?

In each citizen profile you have the 'Donate' button. After you click on it, you'll access the donation panel where you can transfer your products (by using a drag&drop system) or eRepublik currency to other citizens.

What is the ranking?

The ranking is used to show your position in eRepublik according to the experience points you've earned. The top citizens can be found in Info-Rankings.

What are the shouts in eRepublik?

Shouts are used in eRepublik as a way to communicate with the community. You can see the shoutbox on the homepage with three types of tabs: friends, officials and everyone. Keep in touch with your friends and update them about any recent events in eRepublik that you are involved in (e.g.: "I've created a new company" or "I am now a member of the Yellow party in Argentina").

How can I fight in eRepublik?

You can see if your country is involved in a war (a resistance war too) by viewing the war list accessible from the homepage. After you decide which battle you should fight in, you simply click the 'Fight' button on that page. In order to get a higher damage, try to answer as many questions correctly as you can. During the battle you will lose wellness, but your help may prove to be decisive in some battles. Your damage is also influenced by the weapon you use in the fight, along with your rank and wellness level.

How do I change my Citizenship?

You must first be a resident of the country you want to become a citizen of.

Then go to Info - Social Stats. On the Social Stats page click on "View requests". On the Citizenship Application page click on "Apply for Citizenship". State the reason you are requesting citizenship and a member of congress will make a decision in regards.

How can I quickly learn the basics of the game?

All the information can be found on the eRepublik official Wiki. You can also access and use our forums, specifically the Help forum. It is there that you can contact the administration team, as well as other citizens, in order to solve any doubts you may have.


How do I become a member of congress?

The party president proposes a list of 40 members to participate in the elections for congress which are held on the 25th of each month. Only the candidates of the top five parties, in terms of the number of members, enter the race for a congress seat. You also have to reach level 12 to be able to participate in these elections.

How can I become president of a country?

Only the party presidents of the top five parties, in terms of the number of members, can be nominated for a country's presidential election. It is also possible to nominate yourself as a suitable candidate for the presidential elections if you are the president of one of the top five parties. You need to reach level 14 to be able to participate in these elections.

Companies, Organizations, Newspapers

Why should I buy a market license?

In order to export your products, you'll need to buy a market license for each country that you intend to export to. The price of a market license is 20 Gold. When you first create a company, you'll receive a market license for free that will allow you to sell your products in the marketplace in your company’s country of creation.

What are organizations?

An organization is based on a citizen profile, with some of the rights restricted. An organization cannot train, fight, be politically involved, be a party member, own a party, vote, nor work. Organizations are used for managing companies, and also citizens use these types of entities to create embassies, ministers, banks and so on.

How can I create a newspaper?

In order for a citizen to create a newspaper, he/she must have at least level 8 experience. In the menu, under the ‘My places’ tab, you have the 'Newspaper' button. If you are not a newspaper owner you can become one for the cost of 2 Gold. Newspapers in eRepublik are a strong communication tool between citizens and also are considered to be the main source of propaganda and advertisements for the entities within eRepublik.

What to do if... family wants to play eRepublik and we share the same IP?

The use of the same IP by more than one citizen is NOT considered to be a criterion of determining multiple accounts.
There aren't any restrictions, and we hope all of you will have fun in the New World.

...I want to delete my eRepublik account?

Just send a request by selecting the "Game Support" subject in the contact form.

...I want to change my Citizen name?

There is no feature allowing changes to citizen names, yet.
Changing a citizen's name will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
However, you can chose to delete this account in order to create another one.

...I want to change my Organization name?

There is no feature allowing changes to Organization names, yet.
Changing an Organization's name will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
In the mean time, you could create and use another Organization.
That would not be a waste of Gold, as your old Organization could be used as extra storage.

...I want to live in another region of the New World?

Once you reach level 3, you are allowed to use the change residence option from your profile in order to move to any other region of the New World.

It only requires that you have at least one moving ticket in your inventory, which can be acquired from your country's marketplace. Moving also affects your wellness, depending on the quality of the moving ticket.

You also have the option to apply for citizenship in another country if you have moved to a region in another country.

...I want to move my company to another region of the New World?

There is no feature allowing changes to a company's residence, yet.
Changing a company's residence will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
However, you can choose to place the company on sale.

...I want a newspaper transfer to be made between accounts?

Just send a request by selecting the "Game Support" subject in the contact form after the transfer guidelines have been respected.

...I want to buy on the black market?

This means you want to buy directly from other organizations or citizens without involving the marketplace. Well, doing so involves many risks.

To avoid them, you need to have a valid, signed contract. If the other party does not respect the contract, you can then require that admins enforce the contract, by starting a trial.

Having no valid contract means that only you are responsible for using the black market.

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