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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

In November 2009, eRepublik launched a special program to offer Gold through sponsored programs. These programs are offered on the Buy Gold page.

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Why did you launch these sponsored offers?

These optional sponsored offers are common on other social networking sites, and gave us the opportunity to offer Gold to members who otherwise couldn’t buy it themselves. Instead of spending money to purchase Gold, you can spend your time, share your opinions, or personal info if you are comfortable doing so. If the products in some of the sponsored offers interests you, you can try them out and get a little Gold for doing so at the same time.

Who chooses what sponsored offers are shown?

The sponsored offers are administered by an off-site, third-party service, and they select offers from the wide variety they have in store. eRepublik does not select the offers, nor are we responsible for the amount of Gold given or terms of the offer. We currently work with two providers: SuperRewards and SponsorPay. In the process of completing an offer or disputing an offer, you may be directed to their sites. Because of the wide variety of sponsored offers, and the fact new ones are added all the time, you might see different offers each time you visit.

How much Gold do I get?

The amount of Gold that you’ll receive will vary based on each particular sponsored offer. You can find the amount to the right of each offer in the offer list.

I’ve heard that some of the sponsored offers require you to sign up or pay for something.

Each of the sponsored offers is different. Some require you to sign up for a subscription or authorize them to share your personal information.. Absolutely make sure you read the fine print and understand what you’re agreeing to before completing any of the offers. We’d also encourage you to check out the forums to see what other members are saying about a particular offer. If you’re under 18, make sure you’re getting your parents’ permission before signing up for anything requiring a payment.

I’ve heard that some of the sponsored offers contain malware. Is that true?

Obviously, neither eRepublik nor the offer providers want to promote anything that’s going to harm our members. We selected the providers we work with to make sure that they can quickly remove any offers that members report as harmful or suspicious; and we have already removed numerous offers based on user reports. Again, make sure you read any fine print before completing a sponsored offer, and remember the age-old rule – if something doesn’t seem right to you, don’t complete the offer.

How do I report sponsored offers that seem suspicious or contain malware?

We want to make sure all offers are as member-friendly as possible. If you find malware in a sponsored offer, or feel that a particular offer is inappropriate for eRepublik, please let us know by sending an email to Be sure to include as much detail as possible, including the exact wording in the offer name and description so that we can investigate the correct offers.

I didn’t get my Gold – what do I do?

On the Browse Offers page, you’ll see a link that says “offer status.” Next, to each sponsored offer you complete, you’ll see a link to go to the third party offer provider's customer support. However, please be aware that different sponsored offers may require a certain amount of time to pass before the Gold is awarded – make sure you read the fine print to understand what you’re signing up for.

Help! I signed up for something without reading the terms, how do I cancel my order?

Read the terms of each offer, because the fine print also includes information on how to end or cancel your subscription or order. Cancelling a subscription may involve emailing or calling the vendor’s billing or customer support office or texting ‘STOP’ to the mobile number that sent your PIN for mobile services.

Can I get banned from eRepublik for inputting false information in a sponsored offer?

Main article: One:Rules

The offer providers require that you enter accurate information when completing an offer. If they find that you are entering in false information they may prevent you from being able to take advantage of their offers further. Any Gold received by completing fraudulent offers or fraudulent behavior is considered Gold obtained through illegal methods and will be impounded accordingly with the 4th eRepublik Citizen Law. Additionally, all citizens who get involved in such behavior fall under the incidence of the same eRepublik Law and will be penalized accordingly.

Are these sponsored offers available internationally?

Users in different countries may see different offers presented to them. Some offers are for US residents only, so make sure you read the fine print to determine whether a particular offer is available to you.