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A template for displaying the main menu bar with all drop-down menus open, each section linking to a page in question.

Supported languages

Use parameter img to set the language in which you want the menu to appear. All the official languages are supported:

img= Language Usage
BG Bulgarian {{Main Menu|img=BG}}
EN English {{Main Menu|img=EN}}
ES Spanish {{Main Menu|img=ES}}
FR French {{Main Menu|img=FR}}
DE Germany {{Main Menu|img=DE}}
GR Greek {{Main Menu|img=GR}}
HR Croatian {{Main Menu|img=HR}}
HU Magyar {{Main Menu|img=HU}}
IT Italian {{Main Menu|img=IT}}
PL Polish {{Main Menu|img=PL}}
PT Portuguese {{Main Menu|img=PT}}
RO Romanian {{Main Menu|img=RO}}
RU Russian {{Main Menu|img=RU}}
SR Serbian {{Main Menu|img=SR}}
SV Swedish {{Main Menu|img=SV}}
TR Turkish {{Main Menu|img=TR}}


For example,
{{Main Menu|img=RO}}
will produce full-size image map of:

Adding new languages

This template uses only one image map code to add links on the image. Because of that, all the images must be the same size in order for it to work properly. The images used are made by combining five screenshots, and they should be about these sizes:

Image Size
Menu bar 953 x 47
My places menu 182 x 373
Market menu 182 x 173
Info menu 182 x 213
Community menu 182 x 254
Finished image ~953 x ~420

Once the image is successfully "built", just upload it with name MM-X.JPG where X = the languages abbreviation used on its eRepublik translation. For example French would be FR, Germany DE etc. The images MUST be in .jpg format! If new features are added, these pictures shouldn't be updated until the yellow highlighting is gone. Also, it's more important to get the width right because below the menus, it's only white anyways. When updating images you can use old ones, there's no point in creating new ones from scratch unless it's for a completely new language.