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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Raw materials are products that are used to manufacture other products. The following items are raw materials:


Icon skill land.gif Land skill is gained by working in the Raw Materials industry.

Raw materials and regions

Raw materials are placed in some specific regions through the world. If a raw material company is created in a low or medium region for their required raw material, then the company will be less productive.

Workers don't have to be in a region where they work but they must residents of the country where the company is located.

Raw Materials World Map

Raw materials in the game

Each product industry needs a specific raw material:

Regions rich in raw materials increase the productivity inside a company.
If the productivity of the employee is larger than the amount of raw materials needed then the real production will be limited by the amount of raw materials available.

Productivity Points

To create 1 product the necessary production units are:

   * Food - 1 unit
   * Moving - 10 units
   * Gifts - 2 units
   * Weapons - 5 units
   * House - 200 unit
   * Hospital - 2000 unit
   * Defense system - 2000 units
   * Raw materials - 1 unit

Raw Material Usage

In order to create one unit of a product, a company will need:

   * for 1 production unit of a Q1 product - 1 unit of raw material
   * for 1 production unit of a Q2 product - 2 units of raw material
   * for 1 production unit of a Q3 product - 3 units of raw material
   * for 1 production unit of a Q4 product - 4 units of raw material
   * for 1 production unit of a Q5 product - 5 units of raw material

Raw Material Qualities

The quality of raw materials:

   * Q1 raw material = provides 1 unit of raw material
   * Q2 raw material = provides 2 units of raw material
   * Q3 raw material = provides 3 units of raw material
   * Q4 raw material = provides 4 units of raw material
   * Q5 raw material = provides 5 units of raw material 

Recommended Employees

Number of recommended employees in each industry:

   * Food - 10 employees
   * Moving - 10 employees
   * Gifts - 10 employees
   * Weapons - 10 employees
   * House - 20 employees
   * Hospital - 20 employees
   * Defense system - 20 employees
   * Raw materials - 10 employees

Buy and Donating Quick Tips

  • Only Companies and Organizations can buy Raw Materials.
  • Companies can only buy the type of Raw Material that it uses.
  • Once Raw Material is inserted into the Manufacturing or Construction Company it can't be removed or transferred.
  • Organizations can buy all types of raw materials any where in the world and donate it to any company.
  • Raw materials can only be donated from Organizations to Companies.
  • Raw materials stock in Raw Material Companies can not be donated.
  • To use the stocks produced in your Raw Material Company you must first put the stock for sale on the market. Then use your company or your organization to buy the Raw Material.
  • Companies can only buy Raw Materials in the country that it is located.

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