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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Dear new Citizen of Germany!

Welcome to the Official German Wiki Page for Beginners. The following will get you started as a new eGerman.

English Version of the Citizen Message

Welcome to eRepublik. This isn't your average welcome letter: you might actually want to read this! First, we would like to ask you to become active. Erepublik shouldn't be a 10 minute a day task. If you become active, you will have a lot more fun with this game. Many possibilities only open up once you've reached a certain level of in-game experience. This takes a bit of work, but we can assure you the reward is well worth your efforts. Here is a list of tasks to get you started:

1. Find a job in a German company
Daily work is essential to make a living, gain skill, and help Germany's economy prosper. Click here to find a job. Please select Q1 or Q2 companies (indicated by one or two stars, respectively) to start your career. Higher salaried jobs may be offered at Q3 or higher companies, but these will drain your wellness too quickly at the beginning!

2. Join the Official eGermany Forum
Register here. This is a great opportunity for you to make yourself known and to gain a reputation as an active citizen. Look through threads, reply, and know what is going on in your country.

3. Chat to other citizens
Log on to the German chat on IRC here (server:, channel: #erepublik). This is another great way to make yourself known. You can talk personally with the leaders of Germany.

4. Start a newspaper
Spread your opinion. Update the rest of eGermany with various information you find across the eWorld.

5. Join a party and run for Congress
As long as you are active on the forum we can encourage you to run for Congress. This will give you access to the Congress discussion board, where you can make a real difference. There is really no downside to running for Congress since it doesn't cost anything!

This game quickly becomes boring if you just work, train, buy food, and log off. Please follow the recommendations outlined in this tutorial to make full use of everything this game has to offer.

Yours Sincerely,

The President of eGermany

First Steps in the Game

For more detailed information on how to get started read this Tutorial page.

The German Wellness Program

You suffer from low wellness? No problem! Just send a PM to the Bundeswehr and donate money in exchange for the desired amount of wellness:

Wellness Cost
+2 Flag-Germany.jpgDEM
+4 Flag-Germany.jpgDEM
+6 Flag-Germany.jpg 14 DEM
+8 Flag-Germany.jpg 19 DEM
+10 Flag-Germany.jpg 23 DEM

You will get gifted as soon as possible!

General Information about eGermany

Visit our country page for more information on eGermany's social life, economy, and politics.

The Army and You

Would you like to defend your country? Would you like to be a battle hero? Then start a career in our armed forces, the Bundeswehr! To sign up simply fill in this form. To stay up-to-date with military news subscribe to the official Bundeswehr newspaper.

The Art of the Fight - How to Fight in a War

Here is what you should do when you decide to take part in a battle:

1. Train daily
Improving your strength will increase the amount of damage you can inflict on the enemy.

2. Move to the region with the highest-quality hospital
You should always fight from a region with a high-quality hospital. As a rule of thumb, each hospital quality level allows you to recover wellness for 1 fight. Therefore, being in a region with a Q4 hospital allows you to fight 4 times.

Check if a region has a hospital before moving there. Select the country from the drop-down menu here and click the regions displayed at the bottom of the page. Note that you can also search for hospitals on this page. In addition, a country's wiki page sometimes includes a list of hospitals.

The German Q5 hospital is in Schleswig-Holstein.

3. Fight
Click the green "Fight" button. A page summarizing your fight will be displayed, informing you about the amount of damage you have inflicted, including the parameters used in calculating it.

Each fight incurs a loss of 10 wellness points. You can only fight as long as your wellness is above 40. If you live in a region with a Q5 hospital you should fight until your wellness is between 40 and 50. With a Q4 hospital you should fight until your wellness is between 50 and 60, and so on. This will ensure that wellness lost through fighting can be fully restored in the hospital.

If your wellness is below 40 during wartime, send a PM to the Bundeswehr to get gifted up. Requests for weapons and travel tickets should be directed at the Bundeswehr as well.

4. Heal
After your last fight return to the "Battlefield" page. Click on the "Go to Hospital" button. This will take you to the region page, where you need to click the "Heal" button next to where the Q level of the hospital is displayed.

Keep in mind that you can only use the hospital once a day. You should, therefore, visit the hospital after your last fight of the day, thus restoring your wellness for the next day's battle.

5. Work
After visiting the hospital your wellness should be between 90 and 100. Now is a good time to work since your productivity will be maximal. This will make your employer happy and might get you a raise!

Repeat steps 2-5 daily during wartime.


Weapons are a very important factor when fighting. Without weapons, your damage will be half of what it would otherwise be. Furthermore, each weapon Q-level will allow you to inflict 20% more damage. In other words, fighting with a Q5 weapon results in 2 times as much damage as using a Q1 weapon, and 4 times as much damage as not using a weapon at all.

Nevertheless, it is better for younger players to resort to less expensive weapons. This is because unless your strength is very high the expense of high-Q weapons does not justify the small difference in damage. You can easily buy 5 Q1 weapons for the price of 1 Q5 weapon. However, you will inflict much more damage in 5 fights using Q1 weapons than in just 1 fight using the Q5 weapon.

It is worth fighting even if you don't have any weapons. You won't inflict much damage, but you will gain experience points and free wellness from the hospital.


An active soldier will advance through military ranks. Ranks are awarded based on the total damage inflicted through all your fights. Each promotion to a higher rank adds a 20% bonus to your potential damage.


Wellness makes you hit harder. A percentage bonus equal to your wellness minus 25 is added to your damage. For example, wellness of 40 results in a 15% damage bonus, while wellness of 100 confers a 75% damage bonus. Therefore it is a good idea to enter a battle with maximum wellness.


Gifts can add a maximum of 10 points to your wellness per day, allowing you to fight one more time. Make sure to use gifts right after your first fight. This will maximize your wellness during the fighting, allowing you to inflict more damage.

Wellness Packs

"Wellness Packs" allow you to fight even more often than is possible through gifts and hospitals alone. These packs cost Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD for 10 wellness points. Players level 14 or below can purchase 20 packs per day, players level 15 or up can purchase 40 packs per day. Obviously, wellness packs are a costly affair, and are probably not worth it unless you have a lot of strength and high-Q weapons.

In case you've heard about "tanks" in previous wars, this is how they operate: by fighting many, many times consuming loads of Wellness Packs.


Each fight earns 2 experience points. Thus, fighting is a very quick way of gaining levels since you can easily earn 10-12 experience points each day during wartime.