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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


New Citizen help is a series of articles published by Irish Minister of New Citizens Starks Hayter, who published this information as articles in his newspaper, The eIrish Review.


New Citizen Help 1: The Basics[1]

eRepublik is based on four different career paths. These are Politics, Media, Military and Economics. In the following articles, I will explain how to succeed in each of these paths.

Not all activities can be completed immediately. These are the activities that you can complete on your first day:

Uploading an avatar: This might seem unimportant, but it gains you your first few experience points. And avatar is good for expressing your interests or individuality to other citizens.

Getting a job: Jobs are very important to function as a citizen in eRepublik. The government of eIreland has provided State companies for new citizens to work at. Job offers are found at Human Resources under the Market tab. State jobs are set for Skill 0 workers. You may work at these until you are skilled enough to work in the private sector.

Working: Your current job is found at Company under the My Places tab. Employers pay you using the national currency, which is IEP in eIreland. Working also gives you one experience point every day.

Training: You should now be able to train at the Army. Training raises your Strength. Strength is a factor that affects your Force. Force comes into play when you're fighting in a war. Training also gains you one experience point each day. The Army is found under the My Places tab.

Eating: Eating occurs automatically, as long as you have food in your inventory. You can buy food at the Market. Eating also gains you an experience point.

With a few clicks every day, you gain three experience points.

New Citizen Help 2: Wellness and Experience[2]


Wellness is like health points for your citizen. You will get the most out of your citizen if your Wellness is high. If your Wellness hits zero, your citizen will die shortly thereafter.

What increases Wellness:
- Food (Wellness per Q automatically) *
- Housing (Wellness per Q whenever you eat) *
- Gifts (1 Wellness per Q when gifted to you by other citizens)
- Hospitals (10 Wellness per Q during a war)
- Wellness packs (10 Wellness, Icon - Gold.gif 2 GOLD each)

*See formula below

What decreases Wellness:
- Working (-1 Wellness per Q of company)
- Owning a company (-1 Wellness per Q of company)
- Training (-1 Wellness when training)
- Fighting (-10 Wellness per fight)

Why your Wellness may be decreasing:
- You're working at too high a quality company. Either buy a higher quality food or work for a lower quality company. Remember that most employers will give you a raise if you ask for it, provided that you work fairly regularly. Buying a house will also aid this problem.
- You're not eating. Remember to keep food in your inventory to eat each night. If you're going away for a few days, try to make sure you keep some food in your inventory.
- You own a company. Try to avoid owning companies with your citizen. Instead, buy an org for Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD. It's a good investment, considering how much you'll save in getting your Wellness back up and in personal wages.

Gifts are the best way to gain extra Wellness. You can buy gifts, transfer them to a friend and ask him to gift you, buy gifting from another citizen or have a gift buddy. Gift buddies buy gifts for each other to gain mutual Wellness. Wellness Packs at Icon - Gold.gif 2 GOLD each are expensive (frankly, they're overpriced)

The higher your Wellness, the more difficult it is to raise it.

Wellness increase = (1.5 - (current wellness/100)) * product quality

This [{{{url}}} ] can help you plan what quality products you need and what quality company you should work for.

When you die at zero Wellness, you keep your companies, items, friends, money, newspapers, etc. You will be removed from any position you hold in your country.

If you are still having problems with your Wellness, our Minister of Health, Pdiddy, is performing a gifting scheme.


Main article: One:Experience points

Not all features of eRepublik are available to you right away. The most common way to unlock these are with experience points. There are different experience levels you acquire as you gain experience points.

*EP = experience points

How to gain experience:
- Upload an avatar (2 EP once)
- Get your first job (5 EP once)
- Work (1 EP per day)
- Train (1 EP per day)
- Eat (1 EP per day automatically)
- Fight (2 EP per fight)
- Upgrade quality of a company (5 EP per upgrade)
- Vote (1 EP for party, congress or presidential vote)
- Win a Congress election (20 EP per win)
- Win a Party President election (20 EP per win)
- Win a country President election (50 EP per win)

What experience unlocks:
1 / 0 / start your life in the New World
2 / 8 / train
3 / 10 / change location
4 / 15 / unlimited invitations
5 / 25 / fight
6 / 35 / vote
7 / 40 / join a party
8 / 50 / create a newspaper
9 / 65 / own a company
10 / 80 / private forum
11 / 90/ create an organisation
12 / 100 / become a congressman
13 / 125 / become a Party President
14 / 200 / become a Country President
15 / 30 / buy up to 40 Wellness packs

After that, you receive GOLD every time you level up. You also receive Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD at level 6. With your level 6 bonus, I would suggest buying or saving for a house.

Credit for this article goes to:

New Citizen Help 3: Business and Economics[3]

Starting a Business

First thing you need to do - buy an organisation. They are the most important tool, in my opinion, in running a business. Orgs are a little bit like additional citizens.

Advantages of organisations are:
- You may own multiple companies
- You do not lose Wellness through organisations
- Multiple people may run companies
- You can buy raw materials through your org and send them to your companies.

Organisations cannot:
- Become politically active
- Fight
- Eat
- Train
- Work

Organisations can be moved, but only with moving tickets. Companies cannot move. Organisations can own newspapers.

What Industry and Product to Choose:

There are three industries in eRepublik. These are Manufacturing, Agriculture and Construction. Industries are linked to a citizen's work skill. The products in different industries are:

Manufacturing: food, weapons, moving tickets, gifts
Agriculture: grain, iron, oil, diamonds, wood
Construction: houses, hospitals, defence

Agriculture companies produce raw materials. These end up in manufacturing or construction companies. Raw materials are made this way:

Grain > Food
Iron > Weapons
Oil > Moving Tickets
Diamonds > Gifts
Wood > Houses, Hospitals and Defence

Ireland does not have a good agricultural industry. This is because we only have grain and iron resources, and none of these are of high productivity. If you are planning to create an agricultural company abroad, it may be difficult to sell your product: If they have high productivity in raw materials, there will be a lot of competition for the product market and the job market. Some entrepreneurs buy material companies to back up their manufacturing or construction companies. Be careful when setting up an agriculture company, as you need to check if the region you are placing the company in actually produces the product you want to make.

Manufacturing is probably the best bet for the new entrepreneur. It takes a lower amount of resources to produce products than housing. There is speculation as to whether or not there are good enough jobs to employ in manufacturing in Ireland, but I own a Q1 weapons company here, and I have no problem employing Skill 3s and Skill 4s.

Businessmen in construction mostly deal with housing. It takes more time and resources to build a house than a product in manufacturing. If done right, you get more profit in a single sale than a manufactured product. There are jobs in Ireland for this industry.

Hospitals and defence are done mostly for the benefit of their country. A hospital or defence company moves to a target region, uses wood and employs construction employees as normal. When it is completed, the hospital or defence system can be used in that region in case of war. A Q1 hospital or defence company makes a Q1 hospital or defence system, Q2 makes Q2 and so on.

What Can be Done With a New Comapany:

Buy raw materials: Companies can buy raw materials in the product's market. Materials can also be donated to your companies by orgs, so you can buy materials with your org, or buy by the donation from other orgs. Agriculture companies do not need to do this.
Employ: You can post offers, entering the number of jobs, the minimum skill wanted and what wages you offer. Job offers appear in Human Resources in the country where the company is placed.
Sell products: You can sell your products on the market. You set the price and quantity of the products you wish to sell. Taxes are paid on every manufactured product you sell on the market.
Finances: You can invest or remove money from your company. Withdrawing funds cost you income tax. Companies count as a separate account in the monetary market, so you can exchange gold and the national currency through them. Wages are drawn from the company account. Money goes to the company account when products are bought.
Upgrade your company: You can pay to upgrade the quality of your company.
Sell your company: Selling your company posts an offer on the companies for sale market. You set what price you would like to sell at.

Selling and Tax:

The most basic way to sell your products is to make an offer on the market. When selling this way, Value Added Tax is added to the price of manufactured products. You can also buy a market license. This allows you to sell to a country abroad (provided there is no trading embargo between the two countries). Import tax is added to the price.

Another way to sell is by donation. This is when two parties make an agreement with each other. One donates money, and the provider donates product. There is no way to withdraw products from your companies other than to put them on the market and buying it yourself. The money goes to your company, but you pay VAT. It is risky when selling this way, as one party may not fulfil their side of the agreement. You can request a contract to secure your deal.

Where Else to Find Out About the National Economy:

The Economy page under Rankings gives you more detail about the economy. It tells you the taxes of the country, minimum and average wage, national treasury, inflation, trading embargoes and national productivity. Please note that some of the ratings are not accurate.

New Citizen Help 4: Politics[4]

This is the fourth article presenting information to new citizens to help them in the New World. This article will deal with the political system, as well as the basic tips and etiquette in politics.

The following is a list of features that will become available to you, as you rise through experience levels.

level - feature - reward
6 - Vote - 1EP per vote
7 - Join a Party - None
12 - Congressional Candidate - Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD and 20EP per win
13 - Create a Party or Party President Candidate - 20EP per win
14 - Country President Candidate - Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD and 50EP per win


Voting is the first responsibility citizens will receive in politics, and almost everyone votes. You can vote for a congress candidate on the fifth of each month, for a party president candidate from your party on the fifteenth, or for a country president candidate on the twenty-fifth.


Political parties are a large part of eRepublik. They consist of a number of people with the same orientation and/or similar opinions. You should consider your options carefully before joining a party. Your party can be viewed in Party from the My Places tab.


Congress elections are held on the twenty-fifth day of each month. From the sixteenth to the twenty-third, candidates can sign up in their region for their party. In this time, candidates should consider writing a platform for congress, outlining their opinions, and what they could contribute to Congress. You must be level 12 to run unless you buy Unlock Features. On the twenty-fourth, the Party President makes up his final list for his candidates in each region. On the twenty-fifth, each citizen can vote for a candidate in their region.

There are six seats in each region. The six candidates with the most votes win a seat. Also, there are four wild-card seats. The four top voted candidates who are not in the top six in their region take the wild card seats.

Congressman can vote in any proposal ingame. They also have two proposals that they can use for any of the following laws:

  • New Citizen Fee - Change the number of national currency new citizens receive upon joining eRepublik in your country.
  • Donate - Propose to donate Gold from the country's treasury to an org.
  • Issue Money - 'Print' money to be circulated into your country. This uses a Gold tax.
  • Minimum Wage - Change the country's minimum wage.
  • Presidential Impeachment - Move to remove the president of your country.

Voting and proposing is done in the Country Administration in the My Places tab. Proposals must be passed by a majority of 50% + 1, except for the impeachment law, which requires 66% of the vote to pass. Congressmen can also vote on laws proposed by the President (see Country President). Congressmen in Ireland are expected to be active, and to discuss any issue before putting it to a vote. Issues can be discussed and proposed on the eIrish forums at

Party President

There are three ways to become a party president. One is by purchasing a new party for Icon - Gold.gif 40 GOLD. Another becoming party president by default; if the current party president resigns, the member with the highest number of experience points takes over. The most common way is by winning a party president election. You must be level 13 to be a Party President, unless you buy Unlock Features.

Party members can run to be party president at any time, except during an election. Icon - Gold.gif 2 GOLD gets donated to the party, and this cannot be refunded. Members of a party vote for candidates on the fifteenth of each month. The member with the most amount of votes wins. In case of a tie, the member with the highest experience wins. Party presidents can:

  • Change the name of their party
  • Change the party's avatar
  • Change the orientation of a party
  • Add a link to the party's forum
  • Make the final list for congress elections
  • Propose or support citizens for presidential elections

Country President

Country president candidates need to be backed by their Party Presidents, and Party Presidents themselves can run. Their elections are held on the fifth of each month. Other parties can back candidates, but not propose them. You must be level 14 to run, unless you buy Unlock Features. Most candidates write a manifesto, outlining their policies and what they would do if voted president. The citizen with the majority of votes wins. In case of a tie, the candidate with the highest experience wins.

In Ireland as in most countries, Presidents select a Vice President, and a Cabinet. The Cabinet is a group of members who are given a specific job for a President's term. Ministers can take volunteers to help them if they wish.

Presidents act like congressmen, except that they have an unlimited number of proposals, and have other laws they can propose. These are:

  • New Citizen Message - Propose a message that new citizens receive upon joining eRepublik in the country
  • Buy a Hospital - Buy a hospital for a specified region
  • Buy a Defence System - Buy a defence system for a specified region
  • Alliance - Propose a Mutual Protection Pact with another country
  • Declare War/Peace
  • Trading Embargoes - Restrict trading with another country