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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

The following is a guide for citizens in Russia.


The first 5 days you can work, train and eat only. Endure it, and soon huge possibilities will open.

Add as friends the Support_Service, they will always help:

Join the forums!

Spreadsheet describing the eRussian State:

eRussian Forums

These forums include many Party and Party "Embassies", country embassies, the Army and mane more. They are the main forums of the eRussian community, and you should really know them if you want to meet eRussians!

Unfortunately, their configuration is, by default, in Russian. To change this configuration, you have to navigate there until you can do this. We show you how! Now open a new window in your browser and follow theses steps:


1. Look for "Регистрация" (Registration) in the red menu bar, under the header.

2. Write your alias in the game, in the text box "Имя пользователя".

3. Write your e-mail in the text box "Email" (duh!).

4. Write some password in the text box "Пароль" (password).

5. Repeat it in the text box "Подтвердите пароль" (repeat password).

6. Repeat the code letters which appear in the image "Визуальная проверка" (they are latin, thanks God for this!).

7. Click the check box "Я принимаю" (I accept) to allow the administrators to hack your bank account, etc.

8. Click the button "Регистрация" (Registration).


Changing the Language Settings

1. Click in "Профиль" (Profile) in the red menu bar.

2. Click in "Изменить профиль" (Modify Profile) in the black menu bar: Another menu opens. The right selection is the first, "Настройки учетной записи" (Account Settings).

3. Choose "English" in the combo box "Предпочитаемый язык" (Preferred Language)

4. Repeat your password down, in the text box "Ваш пароль" (Repeat password).

5. Push the button at the right side of this text box.


Preserving the Sent Messages (recommendable)

1. Click in "Profile".

2. Select "Modify Profile", menu item "Personal Messaging"

3. Select the check box "Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default."

Joining an English-speaking community

There are, as far a the author of this article knows:

  • The Cossacks: Patriotic eRussians, but everything in English.

Also some "political groups":