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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

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# ... my family wants to play eRepublik and we share the same IP ?
The use of the same IP by more than one citizen is NOT considered to be a criterion of determining multiple accounts.
There aren't any restrictions, and we hope all of you will have fun in the New World.
  1. ... I want to delete my eRepublik account ?
    Just send a request by selecting the "Game Support" subject in the contact form.
  2. ... I want to change my Citizen name ?
    There is no feature allowing changes to citizen names, yet.
    Changing a citizen's name will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
    However, you can chose to delete this account in order to create another one.
  3. ... I want to change my Organization name ?
    There is no feature allowing changes to Organization names, yet.
    Changing an Organization's name will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
    In the mean time, you could create and use another Organization.
    That would not be a waste of Gold, as your old Organization could be used as extra storage.
  4. ... I want to live in another region of the New World ?
    Once you reach level 3, you are allowed to use the change residence option from your profile in order to move to any other region of the New World.

    It only requires that you have at least one moving ticket in your inventory.
    Moving tickets can be acquired from your country's marketplace.
  5. ... I want to move my company to another region of the New World ?
    There is no feature allowing changes to a company's residence, yet.
    Changing a company's residence will be possible once such a feature is implemented.
    However, you can chose to place the company on sale.
  6. ... I want a newspaper transfer to be made between accounts ?
    Just send a request by selecting the "Game Support" subject in the contact form after the transfer guidelines have been respected.
  7. ... I want to buy on the black market ?
    This means you want to buy directly from other organizations or citizens without involving the marketplace. Well, doing so involves many risks.

    To avoid them, you need to have a valid, signed contract. If the other party does not respect the contract, you can then require that admins enforce the contract, by starting a trial.

    Having no valid contract means that only you are responsible for using the black market.
Did you know?
....that buying and selling outside of the Marketplace can be extremely risky? For more information, read about Black market trading.

Selected article
Phoenix is a military alliance created on the 4th of December 2009 [1] It was originally founded by fifteen countries, all of which were former PEACE GC members. PHOENIX was thrust into WWIV almost immediately after its creation.


Selected biography

ShYaM is a Indian citizen and has proven his dedication to Indian development. He is keen in seeing India develop and in helping the new players to learn to play the game and to help them in their first few days. He is general manager of 2 companies in India both under the brand name "Cares". He has been Minister of Internal Affairs and at present is Minister of Education (More...)

Selected picture
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South African Ball Flag

Made by Martin23230.


Dear citizens,

The days of eRepublik V1 are almost over and we are working on the final steps for the transition to the new modules. As a result, we have many topics to share with you. Please try to stick to them in order not to lose any important details.

To sum up, we will focus on the following topics: the last migration days, the raw material companies and the first days of eRepublik Rising. In the end, we will answer some of your questions from the last Insider and we will share news about the current weapon companies.

In order to make it super easy to read let’s play the “Question and Answer” game during this Insider.

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