One Last Dance in the Hypogeum(Sweden)

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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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The following is taken from the One Last Dance in the Hypogeum(Sweden) that was written by Emerick in the newspaper International Press.

One Last dance in the Hypogeum

Ladies and Gentlemen. I am on the behalf of Hypogeum proud to hereby announce the inauguration and opening of the Grand Nobel Banquette of the second and last edition of the Swedish Nobel Prize. Welcome! josefstark

Yesterday, the second Grand Nobel Prize Banquette opened with pride, but also had a somber tinge. Not only was it the last time that the Hypogeum (the Swedish intellectual group who started the prize) scheduled the Swedish Nobel Prize to be given out, but it was a week after josefstark announce his retirement from eLife. This banquette was his final act in the eWorld.

Putting that to the side for now, the laureates were announced in the Hypogeums's paper, Intelligentsia. Just like last time, they all gave a speech during the banquette.

First, like last time, Josef had to read a speech by a winner who couldn't make it. The absentee this time was The Herminator's, winner of the Political prize. He was chosen for working on the Swedish constitution, and participating in the organization of the Swedish government. Josef announced:

Det är The Herminator som ska ta emot det, men efter som han inte är här så kommer jag att läsa upp hans tacktal som han skickat till mig.. (It is The Herminator to receive it, but after that, he is not here, then I will read out his thanks he sent to me ..)

He cleared his throat and read it:

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and banquette participants. It is a great honour for me to receive the political Nobel Prize. For me it is the greatest honour any politician could receive.

I wish I had the opportunity to hold this speech personally but sadly the circumstances did not allow that.

I've always thought that eRepublik should be as much fun as possible and since I am very interested in politics and community constructive issues the political path seemed like the natural path for me to follow.

The finest assignment I have been entrusted with has been to lead MSAP for 5 months and see it evolve into one of eRepublik's finest parties.

I'd like to send tribute to all of you who have enriched my time here. Amongst my party comrades I'd especially like to thank Otto Antid, Atreyu and Vectoor, I cannot mention everyone I'd like to but I have not forgotten you.

There are even more people outside the party who have made eRepublik a game worth playing who deserves thanks as well, but I have to say 'No one mentioned, no one forgotten' heroes, I hope you all know who you are.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you all to be nice, friendly and generous to each other and let eRepublik become the most fantastic game, the potential is there.

Thank you.

Then, Misho spoke. He won the Honourary award last time, and this time he took Sweden's Media Recognition. For those keeping count, this makes him 2 for 2 in the Swedish Peace Prizes. In his speech, he said: Mr President, members of the Hypogeum, Citizens of eRepublik, ladies and gentlemen!

......that’s how I started last years speech.

This year I'm very happy to bring the Prize back home, the Swedish Nobel Media Prize was given to Grev Per last year. This year Denmark got nothing and Sweden took a clean sweep!

eRepublik is struggling right now with widespread cheats with Trivia Decoders, a problem worse then Admins who steals wood and inventories.

eRepubliks history is a long history of bugs, but it's getting better. And we shall continue to build on Sweden and not take short cuts and cheat.

We must, even if it's hard from time to time, have faith in the Game Developers.

All the previous most blatant cheaters are banned today, so may this game still continue to reward fair play in the long run!

The last day in Beta the top 4 out of top 5 articles was written by me, for a short moment I thought of changing the titles on them to:

  • Misho
  • Writes
  • top rated
  • articles!

That's how silly I can be sometimes!

It's a real honour to share this Price with those who have received it before and this year with so many friends, Betamjau, Algaroth, The Herminator, Karl Holm, Hador and DaZam they are all family for me in eRepublik.

Thank you and may Kap-E continue to bless eSweden!

And then he gave a bow.

Betamjau, who won the prize in the society category spoke next. She was recognized for her work in the Swedish police force.

I feel honoured, proud and happy for this prize I’ve received. I now receive the recognition for the work I have done, first and foremost in ePolisen (police) and as a congresswoman. I will hold this prize with great honour. It also brings with it the responsibility to continue to lighten up life in eRepublik, to continue striving for the furthering of our country in both times of ease and times of hardship. It’s also important to show people what we can do to become better. I believe that in hard times we have to help each other look ahead and to keep to our different visions.

We have been experiencing a lot of negative critique instead of constructive critique for some time now. If we all could agree that we should try to better ourselves and try to give each other comments on how we could do things better instead of just dragging people through the mud we would have a nicer spirit within our parties

I myself have quite a sharp tongue that I often have to bite, so I should think about this too and I will continue my work for a calmer Swedish congress with a nicer vocabulary.

I'd also like to congratulate my co-laureates Karl Holm, The Herminator, Misho, Hador and DaZam, big warm hugs to you, you deserve this! A great thanks to Hypogeum who have made this game a lot more interesting, sad thing you’re shutting it down. I thank you for giving me this prize and I hope that you one day will be back, thanks.

Karl Holm was recognized for his devotion and hard work in stabilizing the SEK and safeguarding the Swedish economy as well as managing the national treasury (Riksbanken) in a most formidable manner. In his speech, he said:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. When I first received the letter, around 3 AM, informing me of this incredible honour I've been given I was surprised and overwhelmed.

I really don't know what to say, other that I'm truly honoured to receive the Nobel Prize in economics, and I would like to thank Hypogeum for believing in me. I would also like to thank all of the devoted congressmen who've always been there when I was in need of support, particularly Ziggyzag. micke_e also deserves a big thank for taking over the post as finance minister after me.

Last but not least, I would like to thank, hug and shag Radsoc for making life difficult (& fun) for me the last days at my post. Once again, I'm honoured. Thank you.

Unfortunately, Hador was drunk again. As usual. Now, let's not say that he made a fool of himself and mocked the fine institution, and everything that The Hypogeum stands for, but he is a pinhead :D

It’s an honour to win something as big as the Nobel Prize... he begins as he climbs onto a table.

To be able to hang one's name amongst other great people!

Therefore I’d like to begin by thanking Josef and the rest of Hypogeum with a cascade of sloppy thanks.

He then spits in Josef’s smoking beard.

Continuing, I’d also like to thank everyone else! He says this while pointing to a couple of potted plants at the back of the room and at one of the crooked pieces of furniture.

Because without you none of this would have happened, he coughs.

I’d also like to thank my family, my dog and one of my neighbours (not the other one (he smells weird)), he explains, while waving to his parents in the audience.

Then he starts to stumble towards the edge of the table...

I’d also like to say thanks for the food, very exquisite (after I have added some stuff I brought with me)

The drinks! Thanks for the drinks as well!

Finally, he poured some liquor from his pocket flask and drank it, and then fell off the table.

Without throwing any more judgment on the stupid face Hador,

Ladies, gentlemen, Josef begins, this will be my last appearance here in eRepublik. Sadly... because this is a really good game.

It's very interesting and it has taught me many lessons about myself and also about the importance of life...

Everything good has an ending...

Now, I'd like to thank you all for being here... It's really an honour.

And then we have some special thanks to a few ones, some of you are here, some of you are not but you know who you are. Without you, I'd never have lasted this long. You made eRepublik worth the while. Friends make life worth living. That's what they are fore...

Inspiration, happiness and fun

Now before I leave you I'd like to say something..

There's only one thing that can cure all evil and that is MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING


Take care everyone! I love you all!!!!

As the final exclamation point shot through the series of tubes, he flashed the revolver, aimed it to his head, and pulled the trigger. The audience sat casually as his lifeless body slumped to the floor. Somebody grabbed a mop and a push broom, did some minor cleanup, and the banquette was dismissed.