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One Vision

Party-One Vision.jpg‎
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation 1V/OV
Newspaper One Goal, One Vision
Colors Green and Silver
Founded December 16th 2012
Dissolved May 2013 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds United Kingdom Independence Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian
 Freedom! Equality! Honesty! 

The One Vision party was founded in December 2012 with the goal of providing a party for the next generation of UK players.


Freedom - The Party recognises that each section of the community both within and without the party is free to live their eLife how they see fit. To congregate, talk and discuss in a manner they find fitting. 1V does not seek to control its members nor does it tolerate attempts by other factions to dictate and curtail its activities or the activities of its members unless such laws and roles are agreed upon by the Democratic Majority.

Equality - Despite our differences, we are all people who choose to live, work and fight in the eUK and in that role alone we are all equal. The party and its members will not seek to elevate itself or others into any non-game specific role.

The joining of secret and/or restricted channels, forums or other such groups is expressly frowned upon for this reason.

1V's policies, programs and procedures are all based around the removal of all obstacles, cabals and qualifying criteria so that what you put into the game is what you take from the game.

Honesty - There will be times when the fortunes of the party and the aims it holds dear will be stymied and setback.

If this is by popular mandate of the populace then the party accepts the rule of law and will work with all due respect in opposing such changes via dialogue and debate but ultimately will accept the verdicts and passage of laws.

If this is by 'shenanigans' by other parties then 1V hopes that its members will accept misfortune with grace and rise above the gutter politics practiced by some other parties.



A. Taxes affect the entire nation and therefore only a popularly elected CP and his designated Chancellor have the mandate to assess and call for changes to tax levels.

B. In the event of a CP being elected without a popular mandate then the party will strive for lower taxes.

The party believes that more money in players hands gives them the responsibility of increased choice. It believes the practice of minimum wages and a reliance on the total support of their employer to provide for them leads to a nation of drones who cannot act for, think for or rely on themselves.


The Party wishes to see an increase in the minimum wage.

Again the party wishes for the citizens to be provided with the means to operate and develop their account how they wish, independent of a benefactor.


A. Congressmembers shall only impeach a CP if the CP is inactive, stealing from the nation or they have requested an impeachment of their own accord.

B. The only exception to this ruling is in the event of "No Confidence" which shall be deemed to have occurred if impeachment is backed by all of the 'Top 5' parties (aside from the CP's own party).

Community Affairs

One Vision had a very positive relationship with the other political parties of the UK and liked to look at things with the countries best interests at heart. When opposed by fellow parties One Vision members acted responsibly and respectfully in order to resolve any situations/issues between parties. Overall One Vision prefered to remain friendly with all parties as this is beneficial to all citizens of the UK.

Party Affairs

Keeping in touch with all party members helped to inform them of all the important events that occur within the party and to do this party used various methods such as: every week the Secretary General released a party new update to keep all members informed of ongoing activities with the party and links to existing and forthcoming projects. The official party newspaper released articles each week on the following days: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday to maintain communication and keep all party members informed of key events and how they transpire.

Party Structure

Party President - The Party President is the final arbitrator of all party disputes and the casting vote on all decisions. Their primary task is the efficient running of the party through the team they assemble for the job and can be assessed by congress performance, member retention and the task of ensuring the party remains a liberal, free thinking and equal society.

Vice President - The VP fulfils the role of the PP when absent for meetings, discussions or in the event of a quick call being needed. In the event of the PP quitting, being banned or otherwise removed from their position - the game defaults leadership to the highest ranked player in the party until such time as admin changes this.....That highest ranked player will defer to the VP in all party related decisions.

Councillor - The Councillor is the chief whip of the party (so the position may be vacant from time to time) and the #1 player on the parties congressional list whose task is to ensure that any elected congress members are aware of their roles and responsibilities and provide any guidance that a congress member requires.

Secretary General - Is responsible for the internal organisation of the party i.e balloting, messaging, recruiting, retaining.

Spokesman - The spokesman/woman holds the paper wherein approved articles from the party for public consumption are released.

Party Programs

One Vision ran three programs;

Party Supplies - Party members received 2,000 Health and 20 Tanks every week regardless of all other qualifications.

Commune supplies - Members of the commune received 15 Q7 Tanks for every day worked. These are tallied up and distributed enmass on Sunday Evenings.

Party Military Unit - A military unit (MU) set-up by the party to provide military support to eUK in times of need, the military unit has high levelled players capable of dealing vast quantities of damage, therefore, being able to help turn the tide of the battle.



The party started to come together in the first week of December when Alfagrem arrived to UKIP with the intent of founding a new party to focus on building the next wave of national leaders, congress members and involved players.

A quick surge in support saw the Party leap over PCP into 6th whereupon the party merged with DSP and soon sailed past a rather irate UKRP into 5th position. Maintaining the fifth position all eyes looked towards the Party President elections.

After a week of partywide balloting, polling and canvassing the party entered the Party President elections and in a rare event the polls were tied between Joshua Whelan (former leader of DSP) and LongShotzZ (one of the few pre-existing active members). With Joshua Whelan taking the presidency on the EXP law, LongShotzZ was named Vice-President and the party relaunched on December 16th 2012 as the One Vision.

The First Month

As the party started the process of defining its policies and views it managed to overtake a sharply declining ESO to secure 4th spot in the rankings and achieved its goal of being able to run congressional candidates directly from the party.

On election day it was able to send 5 of its members to the Congress despite suffering the double penalty of 'new party' and 'Holidays' effect. During the Country President elections the party-wide ballot had determined that 'One Vision' would support BigAnt who eventually went on to defeat Betafoxtrot on election day. Overall every task that had been set for the first month had been accomplished and the party began about preparing for their second month determined to remain in the top five.

Party Presidents

A list featuring all of the past Party Presidents & Vice Presidents of One Vision since the party's launch in December 2012.

Party Presidents & Vice Presidents
Party president Vice president From To Terms
Party-One Vision.jpg Joshua Whelan LongShotzZ December 16th 2012 January 16th 2013 1
Party-One Vision.jpg LongShotzZ GameChanger January 16th 2013 January 30th 2013 1/2
Party-One Vision.jpg Alfagrem GameChanger January 30th 2013 February 16th 2013 1/2
Party-One Vision.jpg Kamikaze Kelvin February 16th 2013 April 16th 2013 2
Party-One Vision.jpg fritz179 April 16th 2013 May 16th 2013 1


A list featuring the congress members of One Vision since the party's launch in December 2012.

Congress Members
Congress members From To
Kamikaze Kelvin, nathaner, D I W, Fenyang, T White II December 2012 January 2013
GameChanger, Arthur Coull, jimmystar, Anaxima January 2013 February 2013
nathaner, fritz179, surferdude, Vault Guy February 2013 March 2013
T White II, fritz179, surferdude, Vault Guy March 2013 April 2013