One year of eRepublik, thanks to all!

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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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One year of eRepublik, thanks to all! is a newspaper article written by darkplayer82 and published in Romania in his newspaper La destra. In the article, darkplayer82 describes the events of the first year of his eLife and thanks all citizens for the fun and joy he had experienced in eRepublik.

One year of eRepublik, thanks to all!

I am writing this article in Romania because I was born when Romania and Sweden were the great giants to beat.

Sweden had just conquered Saarbrucken, Romania began to dominate the world, Spain was exiting from MA. One year has passed and many things have changed in the geopolitical and in the game. In beta, battles were fantastic, fights player vs player, its miss me a lot. I had my "baptism of war" in the first Battle of Campeche, I was a volunteer and fought with q1, I was a little damage but I enjoyed the same

^^ Beginning it was difficult to make friends with other players but this is because I not love the chats, but in the end this game has become a drug for me and I began to attend all the places where there was talk of erepublik. When I started playing I was not planning to get to the high current levels, in those days were my idols: Colinar, Bisiacco, Durruti, Tuput, Euphonix, Sparta Kratos, The Mihai, Misho, Javiboss and All-x, I hoped one day to become like them, but frankly I did not thinked that i could do. In this year I have known many people of all nations, all races; I have known great generals, great politicians, great soldiers and ordinary citizens that in their being anonymous are exceptionals.

If I become a good player is your merit.

I want to say thanks to all the citizens of the e-world, thank you very much, thanks for the joy and fun that you have given me during this year, thanks for all the advices that you have given to me when I was a newbie.

In battle I can fight against your nations, I can make propaganda against your states or your alliances, but for me you are all my friends and I respect all of you. This is a game, and here there should be no hatred or racism.

Thanks to all!