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Nationality Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukrainian
National rank 246
Date of birth 701. day of New World
Residence Podolia
Sex male
Newspaper Viva eUkraine

Personal informations

MaliodPalube was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He lived there for a long time, about five months. Left exile to Ukarine from Serbia after some missunderstandings with some people. There he joined Ukrainian Regular Army.

Political infomations

He started his political career at party named Socijaldemokratski forum [1] where his friend Nemanja Veselinovic invited him. First month he was working in team which had aim to bring more people in party. As he was very active, next month when Lala Banatski was party president, he entered Main Board of party. One month later, when Nessko was party president he was member of Main Board and he was coordinator of team for increasing number of members of party.

Military informations

At first, he was member of army unit Lavici for few days. Then he wanted to move in one stronger unit so he joined unit Kraljeva garda. There was weak organisation, so he left them. After that he left army for few months and after he moved to Ukraine he joined their Regular Army. There he was about two months and than he decided to make his own unit. It is called Ukrainian wolves. Their average strength is 20. There he is comandant.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif He has four Hard Worker medals Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif He has two Media Mogul medals Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif He has two Super Soldier medals