Operation Command 1

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한글Icon-South Korea.png

South Korea-Republic of China (Taiwan) War
Map of South Korea-Republic of China (Taiwan) War
Date September 23, 2016 –
September 23, 2016
Territorial Changes Republic of China (Taiwan) successfully defended the region
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea lee201cart (President and War Commander)
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea Comet Academy (Air Force Chief of Staff)
Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan) OMR.Ding (President)

Operation Command No. 1 was the name of an executive order issued on September 23, 2016, 20:00 (Korea time) by President and War Commander lee201cart to Retake the Gyeongsangbuk-do region or exhaust the enemy’s resources (focus on rounds 1, 2, and 4) in the South Korea-Republic of China (Taiwan) War which was ongoing since 29 December 2010.


The South Korea-Republic of China (Taiwan) War had a quiet period, having only one battle for the past 33 days. South Korea exited P.L.U.T.O. alliance on day 3,215[1] and already had some training wars in place with Russia.

Battle for Gyeongsangbuk-do was held on day 3230.

Round 1

The Republic of China (Taiwan) was in an advantageous position until the 23rd minute of the round due to a surprise attack when combat orders were issued by South Korea. This caused a large number of soldiers to enter the battlefield and the division Icon division 4 blue.png battle was an epic battle. In division Icon division 1 blue.png, Lord Morgoth Bauglir and Alfa UKSF dropped a big bomb

Round 2

Division Icon division 4 blue.png had an exciting start, however, the president of South Korea sounds retreat at around 80% before the Epic battle. It was considered to be a bad round for South Korea, as round nr. 2 was one of the key rounds in the Operation.

Round 3

Since it was not the main round, it was a round where South Korean soldiers and their allies saved their energy and prepared for an aircraft battle.

Round 4 (Aircraft battle)

It was a battle which was to show South Korea's position on the international stage, especially in Air supremacy as they wanted to show off their newly formed military unit - Sky Club Korea.

South Korea was able to hold out well for up to an hour after the start of the war, but was pushed back due to additional reinforcements from the RoC side.

Until the 40th minute, the domination bar was maintained in a state of harmony, neither of the sides managed to get too much ahead. It began to collapse within an hour and South Korea had no choice but to retreat after an hour. The President of South Korea cited that the problem was in their support which was negligible according to him.

Round 5-8

After South Korea lost Round 4 and had previously not won any of the Division Icon division 4 blue.png battles, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and its allies easily won the rest of the rounds.

Top 10 soldiers

Icon-South Korea.png South Korea Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan)
Soldier Country Damage Soldier Country Damage
doodogi Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 4.648 Bil gerusliang Icon-China.png China 6.299 Bil
Marcomannius Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 3.457 Bil Kris Tine Icon-China.png China 3.905 Bil
Master Of Brutality Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 2.001 Bil duingpogay Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png RoC 3.270 Bil
Han Seok Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 1.721 Bil Sae Sama Icon-China.png China 1.820 Bil
D..C / 1.271 Bil CornelB Icon-Romania.png Romania 1.743 Bil
Dr.You Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 0.835 Bil Who is it Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png RoC 1.648 Bil
Gnilraps Icon-USA.png USA 0.647 Bil Alicia Florenca Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png RoC 0.773 Bil
turmus Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 0.589 Bil D..C / 0.755 Bil
Caesar II Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 0.425 Bil Cliff Chang Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png RoC 0.740 Bil
vriobranco Icon-Brazil.png Brazil 0.367 Bil OMR.Ding Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png RoC 0.347 Bil


According to the lee201cart, although the battle was lost, this operation was successful because the main goal of resource consumption and the psychological impact on the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been sufficiently achieved.

It seems that this is not far from the truth as in the next three weeks there was no fighting in the war, and then South Korea conquered 5 regions in 5 battles in a 5-day rampage.


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