Operation Fire Spark

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Operation Fire Spark
Map of Operation Fire Spark
Date 13 September 2009 –
14 September 2009
Location Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Result Resistance Defeat
Flag-Workers' Militia.jpg Workers' Militia
Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-EDEN.jpg EDEN
Commanders and Leaders
Radsoc Afanasiy Drago

Operation Fire Spark began on the 13th of September, 2009, after the popular uprising in Hwangae. Since the PEACE-Russian invasion of North Korea following the EDEN-puppet government declaration of war on that country, North Korea had been occupied by imperialists. Citizens of eNorth Korea who couldn't stand the oppression asked the Workers' Militia for assistance.

In September the militia responded to this call and initiated an RW in Hwangae. Militiamen and volunteers from all over the world, including the Hungarian Liberation World Tour team joined. The North Korean exile-puppet EDEN government of Afanasiy Drago with personal business interests in selling north korean manufactured products to the permanent-war economy of the occupying country, joined sides with the occupants to stop the liberation of North Korea. Supposedly because Drago himself hadn't collected enough gold for the liberation (the state-treasury mysteriously disappeared during his rule). Instead he spent his money on countering the liberation, and thus keeping the permanent exile-president title.

After an initial success of Worker Militia forces, forcing down the wall below -20 000 points, resources/manpower ran out and unarmed Russian recruits slowly pushed the wall up together with Afanasiy Drago and his henchmen, thus ensuring a North-Korean-capitalist and Neo-Russian-imperialist victory.


"A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire" - Mao Tse-tung

Militia Orders 1


The time is nigh for an armed insurrection against the unlawful occupants of the northern Korean highlands! During the next few days a resistance war will be started in the Ryanggang region which subsequently will be liberated from the evil claws of imperialism. We have to remember that the so called northern Korean exile government is in the pockets of the imperialists of EDEN/FORTIS and can't be trusted an inch. In the long run we seek to liberate whole of northern Korea, call for elections and elect a new neutral government under the Korean Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party. Should there be an opportunity whole of Korea will be liberated.

Militia Order 13 (Day 659)

- Move to any Russian Region with Q5 Hospital.
- Make your wellness go to 100% and keep it there.
- We will be providing guns and gifts for free as soon as we got you in our lists.
- Wait for further orders (about 1-5 days).

Militia Orders 2


The liberation war in northern Korea has begun!

The surprise attack of our eager guerillas has been successful up till this point, and we have been making the imperialists eat lead since midnight. Thanks to the high rate of mobility and cooperation among our troops we have already pushed the enemy down towards the administrational center of the region. We won't stop until the opportunist northern Korean government who are on the payroll of EDEN/FORTIS is crushed to pieces and the neorussian imperialists are back at the border of Primorye. The head of the bourgeois exile-government wants to see a continued northern Korean puppet regime under the control of the western powers instead of a neutral workers' government, and has thus fought alongside PEACE during the first half of the battle of Hwangae. We say no!

Their colonial attitude reflecting the ideas of the imperialist powers must cease. North Korea belongs to its citizens, and not to presidents or imperialists anywhere in the world!

Move to Russia, join us in our struggle for a free Korea and we shall prevail!

Militia Captain,

Battle for Hwangae

  • Outcome - won by Russia
  • Link - Battle of Hwangae
  • Began - 13 September 2009
  • Ended - 14 September 2009
  • Started By - Radsoc
  • Hero for Resistance- Shaok(-10767)
  • Hero for Russia- Chilesoss (4080)