Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos

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Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos
Map of Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos
Date September 26th, 2009 –
October 29th, 2009
Location Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Result EDEN Victory in WWIII
Flag-EDEN.jpg EDEN
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Flag-USA.jpg USA
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary

Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos ("Op Hippos") was an aggressive offensive as part of the last battles of World War III. The battles of Op Hippos coincided with the manoeuvring of Operation Frostbite Ivan. The initial phases of the operation were little more than near wins, but not nearly enough to pull in victories. As time progressed on the front, the Hungarian nation eventually became unmotivated and saw the territories as too pricey to maintain against the aggressive joint-Canada/USA force - at this time known as the "Brolliance."

The first battles of Op Hippos began on the 26th of September, with the United States leading the assault on Manitoba, followed by Canada also attacking various regions. Canada throughout the majority of the operation, although all but two of the regions were their own, would act as a damage drain and blocker of the initiative for the much stronger USA. After the first battle, continual battles would be fought in Saskatchewan as well by the USA until the victory in Manitoba on the 21st of October, 2009.

This turn around in the operation would lead to further victories in Washington and the most famous and largest battle of the operation: Nunavut. After the initial victory in Saskatchewan, all the next battles also were gains on the side of the newly formed "Brolliance." The Battle of Alaska was the final blow to Hungary - permanently ejecting the Eastern European nation from the North American continent and being the end of World War III - with EDEN claiming victory over its rival alliance PEACE Global Community.