Operation KROOB

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Operation KROOB
Map of Operation KROOB
Date 8 December 2011 –
Location Baltic States
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Flag-ABC.png ABC
Flag-Order of New EWorld.jpg ONE
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Flag-Terra.png Terra
Icon-EDEN.png EDEN
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia Jhonnytk
Flag-Latvia.jpg Mongis

Operation KROOB

Operation KROOB (Kick Romanians out of Baltics) started in 8 December 2011, when Estonia attacked Kesk-Eesti. After that Latvia attacked Vidzeme and made a Resistance War in Kurzeme. Russians attacked Latgale, Latvia and Finland Pohja-Eesti, Estonia. While Estonia and Latvia are fighting with Romania, Lithuania declared Romania as Natural Enemy.


After Romania came to Baltics, they occupied Latvia and together with Finland and Russia they did same to Estonia. After a lot of unsuccesful RW's ABC tried to make a co-operation, so they managed to liberate Laane-Eesti and Latgale. Against Finland and Russia Estonia liberated Pohja-Eesti and Louna-Eesti. But, despite of that, Estonia was wiped by Russia, Finland and Romania. After that, Romania has declarated Latvia as Natural Enemy. In the same time, Russia and Belarus were wiping Lithuania (which was not able to win any battle even against Belarus).

Therefore, operation KROOB has completely failed.