Operation Nitnaa

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The Reasons

After the collapse of Atlantis the United Kingdom declared itself neutral. This was a stance the United Kingdom found it increasingly difficult to maintain as any troops it sent anywhere were seen as supporting either the ex-ATLANTIS block or the PEACE block.

Unable to send their troops anywhere and with the citizens getting increasingly bored with the lack of battles the United Kingdom had an idea. They began formulating a plan to have a battle between the United Kingdom and Ireland that would appear to the public to be real. Two regions were looked at, Shannon in Ireland and Wales in the United Kingdom. Wales had a population of over 300 meaning a cost of Icon - Gold.gif 140 GOLD but an attack on Shannon would only cost Icon - Gold.gif 75 GOLD. Once the United Kingdom had a plan they approached Ireland's government who agreed.

The Plan

The plan was simple. The following events were to unfold on the 18th of June 2009:

  • 0400 erepublik time - Kumnaa (United Kingdom's President) would release an article declaring his intention to attack Ireland that evening after one too many messages about the freeing of Northern Ireland. During the following hours there would be hostile communication between Kumnaa and Nithraldur in any articles released about the conflict from normal citizens in order to encourage awareness.
  • 1155 erepublik time - the Nitnaa Agreement would be signed by both Kumnaa and Nithraldur and bumped off of the official contract's forum to try and avoid it being uncovered.
  • 1200 erepublik time - Kumnaa would launch an attack on Shannon.

The following day the ruse was to continue:

  • 1000 erepublik time - Kumnaa would retreat from the battle and articles announcing the real nature of the battle would be revealed.

What actually happened

It turned out page 2 of the contracts forum was not hidden enough. Literally minutes after the battle started word quickly spread around IRC about the true nature of the battle. The Irish population had not responded well to the news and quickly began an impeachment of Nithraldur, the USA public were angered as several had quit congress and jobs to travel over to save Ireland from the advancing horde while the British however, had thoroughly enjoyed the days' events.

Due to the unrest in Ireland, Kumnaa agreed to end the battle at 0200 rather than 1000 the next day.