Operation Valhalla

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Operation Valhalla (nicknamed Operation Failhalla by the defensive forces) was a failed operation from PEACE GC, with the intention of "liberating" Norway from the Swedish and Finnish oppressors, as well as releasing them from the grip of EDEN.


As a part of the American offensive to retrieve it's regions, Norway blocked Russia, activating it's MPPs, so that USA could keep up their offensive. At some point, Russia managed to attack Norway before Norway could open another blocking war. This lead to Trondelag and Svalbard & Jan Mayen being occupied by Russia, which in turn started an operation by EDEN to retrieve these regions, and remove the Russian MPPs and the war with Norway.

This was to be accomplished by annexing Norway completely into Finland, before releasing it again. This would cancel the war with Russia, and end their MPPs, at a great cost, that also would secure the Norwegian future.

The Operation

The plan was to convince the Norwegian people and people in general, that this annexation was performed against the will of Norway. In addition, RWs would be opened, and Russia would attack and "liberate" these Norwegian regions.