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Orange Party

Party-Orange Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Founded 3 January 2009
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Team Rocket
Orientation Center-Right

The Orange Party was a center-right political party in Japan.

Orange Party History

The Orange Party was created by Emerick and Geno Garon around 3rd of January 2009. Originally, Emerick started the party, after escaping from the USA and its overabundant seriousness. Shortly thereafter, Geno Garon followed, and when Emerick left to go fight in a foreign war, Geno Garon was forced to run for the Party president to prevent the party from falling into either inactive or unwelcome hands. Geno Garon then led the party for several months, in which time he brought the party from the smallest party in Japan all the way up to #2 in size, with the largest party presence in Congress during the April-May 2009 term.

Orange Party Origins

The Orange Party comes from a fusion of two ideas, Red and Yellow.


The Red comes from our conservative background (US Conservatives are represented most often with the color red). This mostly ties in to how government behaves in and of itself.

Lower Taxes
Lower Government Spending


The Yellow comes from the Yellow Party, an international group that has its main goal as trying to limit government intrusion into private sector business.

No government bailouts of failed businesses
Severe limits on government owned companies

Besides these tenets (which, on occasion, must be bent or ignored as situations come up where they are not the best), the Orange Party is open to tons of new ideas.

Orange Party Tenets

1: Moderate Government Involvement In Economic Affairs

The government's main role in the economic market is to allow foreign goods that we don't have to flow in freely, and to protect the markets that Japan does have secure from undercutting by other countries. For instance, our grain and food industries must have low internal taxes and higher external ones to keep foreign food markets from undercutting our home companies. However, we need (and I think already have) no taxes on gifts or weapons.

2: Well-Funded Military

Japan's involvement in PEACE means that, for the moment, we are relatively safe from invasion on all fronts. However, that does not mean we can afford to get soft. We need to give aid to our warred-against friends. This cannot be approached lightly, and must be funded fully in order to work.

3: Representation Of The Unrepresented

The Orange Party is here to make sure that people who feel they don't fit into the main parties still have a voice. Even when we disagree with people, we still agree with the fact that they have the right to express their views, and that they should have a place that will grant them a public stage.