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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth April 11, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex male
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia
March 6, 2010 – April 5, 2010
Party president of Partai Komunis eIndonesia
Nov, 2010 – Jan, 2011
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ostin was a citizen from Indonesia.

Early Life

Ostin is a reincarnation of Soutik and soutik.das whose characters were permanently banned.

Ostin was a Minister of Foreign Affairs, two times Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, one time Vice Social Minister, two times party president of PKEI, PKEI recruitment Head, PKEI propagandist, 6 times Congress member and well known media personality all over the world. He is known for his media activity and propaganda activity.


Not able to understand Farsi in West Bengal, India as it was held under Iran he decided to move to Karnataka and joined PKEI. He contested as Soutik and as soutik.das but could not win.


He became the Party President of PKEI in November 2009 and again in December 2009. He also made some very good friends in PKEI. He continuously worked for his party so that more newbies join, PKEI brand remained high, to make party more vocal so the votes could get started flowing in. He made ads, banners, and articles for his party.

He was the Ambassador to India when 8ujel was president in the month of September 2009.

Bajaj, the president in the month of December 2009, gave him the chance to become the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. he made a lot of contacts with other countries for better relations.

Masila, the president in the month of January 2010, seeing his active nature gave him the chance to become the Vice social minister so that he can take care of the newbies who join the game and keep them active.

His good friend roy_f who became the President in the month of February 2010 kept him as the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs again.

Blackmanta who was the president for the month of March 2010 didn't give him a post in the cabinet but fortunately the present Minister of Foreign Affairs resigned and he took up the job and he gave his best for it.

He was also the Head of recruitment for PKEI and propagandist for eTKeI.

He also had 7000+ friends as he was adding newbies so that they can be guided well.

He also ran the Depsos (Departemen Sosial eIndonesia) for a month which used to gift newbies gifts so that they work at good health.

He was very much active in IRC Chat and constantly interacting with other citizens not only from Indonesia but with other citizens around the world.

Military Career

  • Served as a soldier in PKEI's battlegroup AK5 initially.
  • One of Indonesia's Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshals.
  • A soldier in ABeRI-2.
  • A soldier in ABeRI-3.


He had a Q1 food company in Brazil as he is not able to devote much time on company management.


Watz The News is the newspaper published by Ostin. Ostin is a renowed media personality and publishes articles all over the world and all of his articles come in the top news. He publishes articles based on Government news, serious affairs, Updates, Opinions, Quizzes, Trolling, etc.

Some of his renowned Articles:


2. EDEN SUPERFAILMAXXX - From Phoenix to Eden 1553 Votes

3. eIndonesia Dares You eUSA 936 Votes


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x5)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x5)
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Media Mogul (x3)
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Battle Hero (x2)
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Super Soldier (x1)
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Society Builder (x2)
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Party President* (x1)