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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth July 18 2009
Date of death Year 2014 (est)
Residence New York
Sex female
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Narwhal Gazette
Party president of USWP
May 2013 – July 2013
Preceded by rainy sunday
Succeeded by Wild Owl
American Ambassador of Belgium
February 2013 – March 2013
Congress member of USA
Congress member of North East of England
January 26th 2010 – February 25th 2010
Congress member of Scotland
April 26th 2010 – May 25th 2010
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Othere was born in the state of New York of the Icon-USA.png United States on July 18, 2009. During his life he was also in Icon-UK.png United Kingdom, he was known as Othere Salvatore.

USA history

Othere has been in Congress and held several civil service positions.

Military career

Othere was 2nd Commander of the eUnited States Citizens MU. He served in the 14th Regiment.

Political career

USWP, The United States Workers Party

Othere was the Party president of the USWP for 2 terms.

When Othere took over as Party President in May 2013, Othere appointed rainy sunday, Ludonarr, Wild Owl and Indi Alex to the USWP cabinet.

Department of the Interior

Othere run the DoI in 2013, and strived hard to make sure all new players were aware of the various DoI programs and handouts.

Media Career

Othere published the Narwhal Gazette.

UK history

Othere as British citizen, was most notable for his service within the United Kingdom military, although he has also been active within its congress.


As mentioned, Othere Salvatore was most notable for his significant contribution to the UK military.

eRoyal Navy

Soon after he joined the game, in November 2009, Othere applied for the UK Royal Navy (later known as the British Army). He was assigned to the HMS Hassan Pesaran (Named after the UK player) as a Private. Soon, his potential was realised, and he was promoted to being the ships Lieutenant (Second in Command). Just one week later, Othere was again promoted, this time to Captain, still of the HMS Hassan Pesaran, which involved being responsible for approximately 12 people.

He performed well in this role, and a month later, around Christmas time, he was promoted to Commodore (The base level of command at the time), of the Royal Navy Training Division (RNTD). This involved helping to process new applicants within the eRoyal Navy.

eRoyal Marines

In February, Othere became a Brigadier within the Royal Navy's "elite" sub-branch, the eRoyal Marines. This involved being responsible for ~40 eMarines.

Special Forces Support Group

In March of 2010, after the Special Forces and the Royal Marines combined to form the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), Othere was appointed as Lieutenant Colonel, which was the equivalent of the Royal Navy "Captain".

British Army

This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

Royal Armoured Corps

After all forms of the UK Military were liquidated in April 2010, and combined to form the "British Army", Othere was appointed as a Brigadier (Commodore equivalent) in the Royal Armoured Corps. However, he claims that this was an administrative error, and after asking for a transfer to the Army Air Corps, was transferred.

Army Air Corps

As stated, Othere was quickly transferred to the Army Air Corps (AAC). But he didn't stay long here either, as there was a staff shortage in the Special Air Service. He was transferred there.

Special Air Service

Based off of his prior experience and military knowledge, Othere was recruited by the General Staff (The British Army High Command) to serve in the Special Air Service (SAS), the British Army's high strength branch, due to a staff shortage. This is the position he serves in, at the time of writing (10th May 2010)


Ministry of Rations

In May 2010, Othere was appointed Under Minister of Rations. This Ministry was giving out free guns to the UK, and assisted the Ministry of Defence in the dispersal of Raw Materials to its companies.


Othere has served in the UK's congress in the January/February term, and the April/May term.

Party History

In RL, Othere is a Democratic Socialist.

As Othere was recruited to the game by the Free Democrat, Aelar, Othere originally joined the Free Democratic Party (FDP). They also had mutual friends there. Othere "stayed in FDP for lack of another party." After leaving FDP, in December '09, Othere joined the RFA (Radical Freethinkers Alliance) to run for Congress in January. Othere left RFA shortly before it's Party President elections. For the next two months, Othere ran for Party Presidency of the minority party, "The Narwhal Party", to gain political experience and "See what buttons PP's can hit and stuff". He won both elections.

On the evening of the March '10 congressional elections, Othere had a conversation with then TUP (The Unity Party) Party President jamesw. Othere, being persuaded by jamesw and observing the political strength of the TUP, decided to join their ranks. Othere was warmly welcomed, and ran in the April '10 congressional election under the TUP banner. Othere reminisced "joining TUP was the best decision of my political career yet."