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On day 2,492, the Overtime has been implemented into the game.

Working overtime is a feature that allows citizens to work as an employee multiple times a day.

  • The employer will pay the same salary as for the normal work.
  • The employer gets one “work ticket” for each overtime work, similar to the regular work.
  • The employer can, however, set a limit for the maximum salary paid per day per employee.

Overtime points

Overtime Info.jpg

To be able to work overtime you have to gather Icon overtime points.png overtime points. If citizen doesn't have enough points, Overtime button Overtime button.jpg will be red and impossible to click on.

How to gather overtime points

You need to have an active House. Each active house, no matter its quality, gives 1 Overtime Point every hour it is active.
Overtime Points are shown in citizen Storage and on the Company page.

  • Deactivating and reactivating a House will reduce its time pool by 1 hour.
  • Citizens can collect as many Overtime Points as they want.

With 24 Overtime Points you can Work Overtime, the overtime button will be green.

Night shift work

After employee works Overtime, there’s a “cooldown” of 1 hour during which employee can only do “Nightshift Works”.


  • If employee chooses to spend 24 more Overtime Points before the cooldown of 1 hour has passed, each work will consume 100 Energy (instead of the normal 10).
  • Working during the Nightshift will reset the cool-down timer back to 1 hour.

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