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Icon - Overtime points.png Overtime points are used by citizens to work overtime, or more precisely to exceed allotted times to work, which is by default set that each citizen can only work one time each day.

How to gather overtime points

  1. Having an active House. Each active house, no matter its quality, gives 1 Overtime Point every hour it is active.
  2. Collecting chests on the daily challenge. In each chest, there is 1 Overtime Point.
Citizens can collect as many Overtime Points as they want.

Storing and viewing overtime points

Overtime points are stored in the storage and they do not occupy storage space slots.

Overtime Points are shown in the citizen's Storage and on the Company (presentation page).

Spending overtime points

Warning that appears before citizen works overtime
Main article: Overtime

Working overtime or working the night shift will use 24 overtime points each time. To work overtime or on the nightshift, citizens just needs to visits the company (presentation page) and there will be a green button  Work overtime  or orange button  Nightshift work  that citizen can click on to work.

If a citizen doesn't have enough of the overtime points, the red button  Work overtime  and the citizen won't be able to utilize the option to work overtime or work nightshift.

eRepublik points system

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