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General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
National rank 8
Colors Red, Black
Founded Feb. 16, 2016
President Jules deMalt
Vice President nuno258
Members 6
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist
 Welcome and enjoy the sausages 
(Party creed)

Partido das Elites Ideológicas Democratas Anarcas (Party of the Ideological Anarcho-Democrat Elites), P.E.I.D.A. was created due to the lack of a party to represent pro-lulz interests in Portugal. Founded by Jules deMalt in 16 February 2016, its current goals are to provide a safe environment for proclivities commonly regarded as intrusive.

Its name comes from one of its fundamental creeds: The awareness but complete disregard for the game's political mechanics.

Party's Statement

  1. The president chooses its own title
  2. All is allowed and the person who decides what All means is the President
  3. Everyone borns as a P.E.I.D.A. member, then decides to join other parties
  4. First commit for the lulz, then commit for yourself
  5. The president is actually a servant with his/her title hung on his/her back
  6. Some notes regarding the concept of an anarchist party acknowledging an imposed hierarchical structure

Decision-making process

The most important part of decision-making process is some alone time, followed by the leader's single, uncontested and subjective decision

Due to its anarchist nature, no decision rules apply. Some of them are made through a statement on the Party Feed and most are subjected to the whims of its current leader.

Usually there are late-night debates about the declining state of the game. It might drag to the following morning if there are Doritos left. Then we grab our fedoras with our dirty hands, tip them to salute each other and then wait until the road is clear to leave our Party's basement.

List of Party Presidents

  1. Jules deMalt (Feb. 16, 2016 - )