P. Revolucionario eComunista

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P. Revolucionario eComunista

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General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Abbreviation PReC
Colors Red
Founded December 2007
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The P. Revolucionario eCommunista (PReC) was a political party in Portugal. This party has undergone many changes since its beginning in late 2007. After the joint American-Spanish Invasion of late 2010 and the subsequent wipe of Portugal, the party was absorbed into the USA and has officially stopped existing in Portugal.

As of January 2010, DMBoss, a former very active member of PReC has begun planning it's refounding.

Party Statement

A communist-oriented party, the Partido Revolucionário eComunista fights against the nowadays bourgeois exploit, adapting and creating combat strategies to fight the barbaric capitalism, individualism and imperialism, characterized by this kind of society.

Being an important corning stone in the active defense of the ePortuguese proletariat, PReC chooses to participate and help the ruling class with common projects, showing and supporting the social and economic objectives of the people.

With the power conjugation-based philosophy, it avoids the unnecessary attribution of votes, using them supporting a government committed in the positive and constructive change of the social/communist way of life.

(C)PReC, 2009


Early Days

PFZ logo

In the end of December 2007 a lot of members from the Forum War-Zone registered in eRepublik. Kasakas created the party as Partido Fórum-Zone (PFZ) on December 7.

On December 10, Kasakas lost to Don for Party president. Don pushed for an extreme-left ideology that pressured the government of krostyf through Press Releases and journal publications Avante! .

Don soon lost interest in the game and inactivity began to spread through the ranks. However, in the shadows, some players stated a movement to fight for the "reactivation" of the party.

PFZ lost the January 1, 2007 presidential election. Don resigned as president and Judazs took over leadership. He started to reunite members in a private forum and increased the number of users. He was confirmed as party president on January 10.


In this new phase of the party and the game, the party had two political factions. One which we can call Social-Democrat and the other Revolutionary. The faction that leaned Social-Democrat was influential among the people connected to Forum-Zone. The faction that reactivated the party and took power away from Don supported the Revolutionary ideas of the extreme-left. This group disintegrated before February, not before leaving some good ideas at ideological level.


PORRA logo

On February 1, the PFZ stood for election with an innovative program. However, the party did not win the presidency. On February 7, the party dissolved the connection with Forum-Zone and changed the name to Partido Operário dos Rebeldes Revolucionário-Anarquicos, and clearly assuming a position of extreme-left

On March 1, the PORRA removed the PDA from power. Judazs decided to not stand for party president that month. Ligtez won the party leadership position and started an ideological revolution in the country, through important proposals like the Financing the Acquisition Hospitals by the State, improvement of the eSchool Services, abolition of the local power, support of the SIEG ALHO plan, among others.

The revolutionary Sieg Alho plan, started in April by PHuSiOn9, had his principles based in PORRA members. After some time dedicated to the revolutionary process of the country, Ligtez decided to resign from his role as party leader, but stayed until June 10.

PReC Era

PRec Logo

The June 10 party elections were won by Judazs. With the revolutionary process of Sieg Alho in expansion, most of the party members felt that it was time to reunite the leaders of the party. The leaders met for the First Congress of Comité Central. After several decisions it was decided to rename the party to Partido Revolucionário eComunista (PReC)

In 10th September Ligtez won the elections because Judazs decided to retire from PReC and joined PDA.

Revolucionario eComunista

Sometime after the deployment of V1, the party changed its name to Revolucionario eComunista. In January 2009, it changed its name to P. Revolucionario eComunista.

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