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Flag-PEACE white.png
General Information
Country Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Abbreviation PPFNK
Founded 11th May 2009
Dissolved 11th June 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

PEACE PARTY FOR NK was a Center political party of Icon-North Korea.png North Korea which subscribes to the Authoritarian ideology. It was the third largest party of North Korea and the official take over the party in the country run by Batyek, and originally founded by Kirill Nowakovski to help North Korea. The party membership list is mostly made up of citizens from the PEACE GC nations of Icon-Hungary.png Hungary and Icon-Iran.png Iran.

Although the party was not confirmed to be affiliated with PEACE Global Community, the Hungarian government, or the Iranian government, the citizens of North Korea referred to the PPFNK as the PEACE GC political takeover. It had 24 members in the last poll of membership before its disappearance.


May 2009

On the morning of the 11th of May 2009, former French congressman Kirill Nowakovski founded the PPFNK under its original name of Peace Party. At first, it was a peaceful party intended to help North Korea. Many anti-TO and politically moderate people joined this centrist party including the Fires of Heaven clan introduced to Erepublik by former United Kingdom Minister of Foreign Affairs Goku_Jones.

In the first party president election for the Peace Party on the 15th of May, a total of 8 candidates contested this hotly debated election. These were Afanasiy Drago, Batyek, Glade, Hitoshi Makoto, minima, Kirill Nowakovski, William Shafer and Wolontario. Despite founding the party just 4 days earlier, Kirill sadly lost and the race for the top spot was a close one between Batyek, the Hungarian candidate of the PEACE GC political takeover and Afanasiy Drago, the candidate of the Fires of Heaven faction. After the takeover of the party president elections took place and Batyek won by a slim majority, the FoH faction, along with the anti-TO members, formed a new party called City Party.

June 2009

The PPFNK proposed Iranian citizen, atropates as a candidate for the first Country President elections of North Korea. This also turned out to be a TO election and PPFNK got 183 votes and took control of the Presidency and the presidential org with 50,000 KPW. This money has now stolen and was not returned. PPFNK's leader Batyek left North Korea on the 11th of June 2009, and the PPFNK was dissolved. Out of its ashes emerged the Progressive Democrats of Korea headed by former UK Prime Minister, malta_1990, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for North Korea at the time.

Election Results

Party President Elections

Candidate Votes  % of votes
Icon-Hungary.png Batyek 71 47.65
Citizen1445661.jpg Afanasiy Drago 67 44.97
Citizen788892 v2.jpg William Shafer 4 2.68
Icon-PEACE Pakistan.jpg Glade 3 2.01
Icon-Indonesia.png minima 1 0.67
Citizen1218931.jpg Hitoshi Makoto 1 0.67
Citizen261802.jpg Wolontario 1 0.67
Citizen6005.jpg Kirill Nowakovski 1 0.67