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PFF-The United Filipino Heroes

General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Abbreviation PFF-TUFH
Colors Black and White
Founded July 19, 2009
Dissolved July 21, 2009
President Prince Terence I
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Philippines for the Filipinos
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Founded by Prince Terence I in July 19, 2009, the PFF-The United Filipino Heroes, or officially known as Philippines for the Filipinos-The United Filipino Heroes, was a short-lived political party in the Philippines. It was the successor party of the Philippines for the Filipinos. Upon its formation, the PFF-United Filipino Heroes became the largest political party in the Philippines.

It had 50 members last time membership was counted. There were also 4 congress members in the party, or 18.18% of the congress of the Philippines.

Historical Timeline of the PFF-The United Filipino Heroes

July 2009

Organizational Structure

  • President: Prince Terence I
  • Vice-President: TBA

Party Presidents

Party President Term Remarks
Prince Terence I July 19, 2009 - July 21, 2009 First Mandate