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POG i TerazMy


General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Colors White and Red
Type Multitask Force
Expeditionary Unit
Total Soldiers 155
Commanded by Freyjcia
2nd Commander Hormonek and Sewek151
2nd Regiment Captain Haileenka
3rd Regiment Captain jahras.rTM
4th Regiment Captain Budyniowy Kisiel
5th Regiment Captain The Number of the Beast

POG i TerazMy are actually two Polish merged units - Polish Operation Group (POG) and TerazMy. The unit is one of the oldest groups in Poland, if not the oldest living group. Thanks to the unit's high recruiting standards, and a special training programme the regiment implemented several months ago, the unit's soldiers display a higher level of skill and professionalism, when compared to other Polish forces.

Current Commander is Freyjcia.


POG Commanders

Official anthem

Official POG anthem


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