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Last update 1 January 2010

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Proudly South Africa or PSA

A private program, not run by any South Africa Ministry that is aid in the prospect of locally owned companies and ORGs.

What PSA does:

- Locates eSA Owned & Operated companies.
- Promotes eSA Owned & Operated companies.
- Increases tax reserves by purchasing domestic products.
- Promotes job security thru the above.
- Promotes more efficient companies, as they need workers to fill their orders.
- Promotes every product that is available here in eRepublik and will change when the ADMINs make their next update to the marketplace.

What PSA does NOT:

- Does NOT fixing wages (we rely on Free Market)
- Does NOT fix taxes on any product (this is the decision of Congress)
- Does NOT show favorites to any company.
- Does NOT take requests or anything that will undermine this program.


1. PSA is strictly for eSA citizens and companies ONLY! If you change your citizenship, your company will be delisted from the PSA approved list. (Which will be posted once a week in this paper or MoI paper). ORGs can move, but companies cannot so ORG placement is not mandatory in eSA, only the company! No foreign based companies are eligible, companies must reside inside eSA borders. *** A program is being considered where foreign owned eSA companies will get the same exposure as locally owned companies have now.***

2. PSA is strictly against any PRICE FIXING or PRICE GOUGING. After 2 offenses in 2 months (60 days) and the offending company will be Temp-Banned from PSA for 90 Days. Any offense within 45 days after reinstatement and the offending company will be Perm-Banned.
2a. During times of Crisis, ANY company involved in PRICE FIXING or PRICE GOUGING will be PROMPTLY removed from the PSA. Any appeal will be looked into 2 weeks after crisis. NOTE: War, PTO and so on... the above rule will be superseded

3. PSA is against Unethical Hiring Practices. If a PSA member hires at say 50 ZAR and then reduces pay to 10ZAR we will give 3 warnings before the offending company is Perma-Banned from PSA. (side-note: PSA is pondering being used as an arbitrator between workers and companies to help both come to an equitable solution. We understand times can be hard and we all make typos, this rule will need proof that PSA will investigate before making ANY decision.)
3a. In times of Economical Attacks (foreign workers working at low wellness), the PSA is for lowering all wages to no higher than 5x minimum wage for ALL Skill Levels for a short period to fight off such Econ Attacks.

4. Government programs and departments will look for PSA companies first, but will also look for a good price. PSA will not be used to influence their choice, if this is attempted, an immediate 10 day temp-ban will be placed on the offending company.
4a. All government ORGs are requested to join the PSA, the fee is waived as is the watermark.

5. If any member is not satisfied with PSA advertising within 30 days of joining all moneys will be refunded. (As all money is donated Zagarius will pay these refunds from his personal account. Once the company leaves it cannot return for 60 days.)

6. As a result of the ever increase number of companies a fee of 10 ZAR will now be charged for each company that joins, regardless if they come from the same ORG.

These rules are subject to change, but any changes will not go into effect for 5 days from date of posting.