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Packs in the shop are generally on the top of the shop page

Pack is a special offer that citizens can receive or buy.

Usually, the term is used to refer to items bought in the Shop or in the Gold store. They can be bought either for Gold, real money or game tokens. Each pack is filled with different benefits and it can consist of Gold, Boosters, Discounted upgrades, special weapons, Bazooka parts, Energy bars and similar items and benefits.

Special note #1
When buying with real money, the Icon - Gold.gif gold bonus multiplier and the number of loyalty points depending on the level reached within the Loyalty program.
Special note #2
Some packs can only be bought once during a certain amount of time! Once you know you have been charged, have a bit of patience and wait for the payment process to be successfully completed, before trying to buy another pack. For the second purchase most likely you will receive a certain amount of gold - not the pack!

A list of the packs is below in the special offers menu.