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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 2 August 2008
Date of death May 2016 (estimated)
Residence Provence Alpes Azur
Newspaper eUK News
Congress member of United Kingdom
2 September 2008 – 1 October 2008
26 November 2008 – 25 December 2008
Succeeded by rolfus_mercartor
Aprentice MoT of United Kingdom
10 October 2008 – 9 November 2008
Aprentice Minister of Defence of United Kingdom
10 November 2008 – 6 December 2008
Under Minister of Defense of United Kingdom
7 December 2008 – 19 December 2008
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pagan was an Irish-born citizen in the United Kingdom. Later he become citizen of UK. He already died once in 2009, but was reborn in 2016.

Personal Information

Pagan was born on August 2nd in Dublin, Ireland. This was at the beginning of Victor Petrescu's term as President of Ireland.

August 2008 was a disaster for Ireland. Victor Petrescu, a newly arrived Romanian created a party called Global Money Traders (later renamed as Ireland Reborn) the day before the election, and was elected President. The election was surrounded by controversy, as many of the votes Victor Petrescu achieved came from brand new accounts that only ever logged in to vote. Many Irish citizens saw this as undemocratic and unfair, though the admin ruling was clear. It was legal for many brand new citizens to vote, even if this was identical to multiple accounts abuse from an objective standpoint.

Once Victor became president he heavily devalued Irish currency by printing Flag-Ireland.jpg 86,000 IEP. He distributed some of the funds to his party colleagues. He created multiple companies using Treasuries funds. His new companies undercut the competition causing a price war, which eventually led to some companies going under. The devaluation and price wars caused wages in all sectors to be heavily reduced, including my already lowly wage to be cut to very little.
Later Victor attempted to issue two billion IEP, but due to a new rule Admin put a stop to that.

It was at this time that Pagan thought about moving to a different country. He signed up on the UK forums and after reading about what it was like there, bought a moving ticket and moved to Birmingham, UK in order to have a more prosperous life with better wages.

Economic History

In a beginning he worked for Pure Travel in the moving industry, later he joined Validus Airlines for a slightly better wage but soon switched back to Pure Travel.

After moving over he worked for Aurum Air and found the wages here way better.
Later he worked for United Airways, really enjoyed working for a company that was willing to help others.
After a while UA had financial problems, he volunteered to reduce wage but due to a mix up ended up disappointed with them.
He re-joined Aurum Air where he hoped to stay with.

He was co-owner and co-founder of the new upcoming Raw Materials organisation known as the 'Platinum Group'

Political History

Joined the largest true Irish party (Ireland First) in the hope to have a chance to oust the GMT (later Ireland Reborn) party from the government in the September '08 General Elections.

Joined the UK Reform party after he moved to UK.
Candidate for Mayor of Birmingham for August '08, but unfortunately he was not elected.

He was appointed as a UK Congress member by then Party leader Dishmcds for the term Sept-Oct '08.
And has been involved in voting for all proposals put forward.

In September '08 UK Reform put forward again as a candidate for Mayor of Birmingham, but unfortunately, he was not elected then either.

Media company the 'eBirmingham Post', which was used to publish articles about candidacy for Mayor of Birmingham for the August '08 and September '08 elections.
Also published articles relating to party United Kingdom Reform Party.
It had 4 subscribers and 357 views.

Military Activity

Joined the Paras (UK Paratroopers) to gain some military experience, ending the career in the Royal Navy.


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Hard Worker (x3)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Super Soldier (x1)
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True Patriot (x1)